Simple Bedroom Décor Ideas

Wanting to add something exciting to your room, or just mix it up? We’ve done the digging and found our top 9 bedroom décor ideas to spice up your room…

If you’re looking to rearrange your room, or just spice up your style, then these simple bedroom décor ideas are here to help. From changing up your whole colour scheme to adding new lighting, there are so many types of décor you can change, add or update in your room.

Since we’ve all been spending more time inside than out, rearranging and redecorating your room can give you a refreshing environment and exciting change. Whether you can go out and browse for new pieces, or just look online, we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks on how to update your room to suit your style and desired look. There’s a lot you can do without spending lots on renovations, such as buying new pillows to refurbishing old furniture. Keep reading to find out how…

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9 Super Simple Bedroom Décor Ideas

1. Colour scheme.

Choosing and having a consistent colour scheme is essential to making your room look cohesive, clean and charming. From warm yellow and oranges, to sharp blue colour schemes, there are so many options for you to choose from. Basic colour schemes use two main colours that look aesthetic when placed together, which can be built on with alternating shades of those colours in addition to neutral colours. 

If your room already has a distinct colour, you can build on this with different tones and different contrasting or aligning colours. You can choose a simple black or white colour scheme, but ensure all your furniture colours are similar tones, allowing you to build on this with pops of colour. 

Another way to build on your colour scheme is to paint your walls with your chosen colour scheme. Colours can also have different impacts on your mood, which is why it’s important to ensure you pick a colour that can boost your mood. Additionally, you can use patterned wallpaper or even use chalkboard paint for those looking for a darker and more unique feature wall.

2. Plants.

Lively plants.

Plants are a great way to bring a fresh and elegant look to your bedroom. Having fresh greenery in your room can be motivating and help brighten the room. From low-maintenance plants like cactuses to beautiful vines, there are so many options to suit any space. 

Moreover, planting your shrubs in cute pots is another way to add to your bedroom’s style. From basic to handmade pots there are so many options.

Fresh – or not so lively – flowers.

Flowers are a great addition to any room. There are so many reasons to have flowers in your room, from lifting your mood to benefitting air quality. From freshly cut flowers that will last a week, to adding a window planter with flowers that will continuously grow, there are great flowers for any room. If you want something more long term, you can also buy a bouquet of dried flowers, which can last up to 3 years. 

Hot tip: Buy dried lavender flowers to place next to your bed to help you drift into a deep sleep every night.

3. Decorative pillows.

Decorative pillows are a great way to give your bedroom a cozy and defined style. If you have a chair or other furniture in your room, it’s great to have matching pillows to your bed for a synonymous look. From velvet to knitted pillows, there is so much opportunity to use unique patterns and fabrics to add an extra dimension to your bedroom.

4. Stand-out mirrors.

Having a mirror that stands out is an easy bedroom décor idea. From wooden, rustic mirrors to multi-piece mirrors, there are unlimited options to help you add a fresh touch to your room. 

While we love looking at ourselves in the mirror, make sure you also love looking at your mirror. 

Arch mirror.

Arch mirrors are a modern but still unique way to add a new element to your room. You can also buy arch mirrors that have a shelf at the base, which you can use as a makeup mirror, place your keys and important items on, or decorate with plants!

Standing mirror.

Standing mirrors are the perfect addition to any room. Especially when you need to check out your outfit before exiting the house.


You can get packs of mirrors in almost any shape. From squares and circles to honeycomb mirrors and splash mirrors, there are so many cool ways to incorporate this simple bedroom décor into your room.

5. Photos and art décor.

Photos and art décor are such an easy way to personalise your bedroom. Displaying important photos or pieces of art shows off your style while looking elegant. 

One way that always works is the rule of threes; place three photos of the same size and shape next to each other.

Personal photos.

Framing personal photos and arranging them in a practical way is a fun, simple way to decorate your room. From photos of family (pets, included, of course) to travel photos, it’s a great way to bring joy to your room by having photos of some of the things you cherish always with you.


Either frame your own photos or frame photo/s you love. You can use websites like Unsplash, where you can download and are free to use high-resolution photos. I love searching for photos of my hometown or places I’ve lived to frame in my room. Otherwise, you can search for anything, whether that be a penguin or sneakers, to frame in your room.

Unique art.

Another way to show off your style is to display art in your room. From art you’ve made yourself to a piece by your favourite artist, there are many ways to do this. Local tattoo artists, local artists and indigenous artworks can be the beautiful piece you’re looking to add to your bedroom wall.

Framed items.

This is for those looking for something a bit funky. You can buy thick frames which you can place objects inside of. From framing souvenirs to dried plants, these are the items that people will be drawn to when they first enter your room.

6. Lighting for your bedroom makeover.

Lighting can completely change the mood of your room, especially if your room is like mine; positioned next to a tall fence which doesn’t allow much light into your room. With a room that’s naturally dark, I had to get creative with my lighting to find another way to brighten my room. From using candles to buying e-boy lights (LED colour-changing strip lights), my room’s been on an adventure of lighting arrangements. 


Having multiple unique candles is a great way to set the mood right in your room. Although it’s important to have bright lighting during the day, candles are the perfect way to make your room relaxing at night. Glass House candles smell absolutely delicious. I recommend Tahaa Vanilla Caramel, which smells like freshly baked cupcakes.

Unique lights.

From standing lights to attachable shelf lights, there are lighting fittings for any room. You can get multi-purpose lights, such as standing lamps that double as coat/bag hangers.

LED lights.

You can purchase LED bulbs and/or strips from nearly anywhere now, which usually come with an app that you can set up to change the colour, lighting and even set timers to wake you up. These lights can bring so much brightness into your room, brightness I never thought my room could have. It’s unfathomable how much of a difference lighting makes on your rooms appeal and your mood. I personally recommend getting a light strip and 2 bulbs, especially because my built-in lights were also quite dim.

7. Update your blinds.

Something not many people think to do is to update your blinds. From Roman to electric blinds, it’s easy to add to your colour scheme with your blinds. 

You can get most fabric blinds in any colour, design or pattern, which is why Roman blinds are my personal favourite. From standard neutral colours to bright patterns, blinds are a simple bedroom décor that can change up your room’s ambiance.

8. Refurbishing old furniture.

You can add a bit more flavour to your room by refurbishing old furniture. From painting your bed frame to buying new knobs for your dresser, there is plenty of creative room to upgrade your furniture. You can also buy old furniture from op shops, auction houses or on secondhand online platforms at generally a low price, which you can paint and customise yourself, if needed.

9. Alternative decorative storage.

Woven baskets.

Adding woven baskets to your room can help bring a beachy or bohemian look, while still being in-style. Besides being great for storage, you can also get a woven laundry hamper, which helps aesthetically hide the mess. Either way, adding any type of woven basket into your room adds a light, beachy look to your room.

Jewellery holders.

If you have jewellery that’s always all over the place, then you can help stop this tangled mess by getting a jewellery box, stand or tray. You can get a jewellery box to hold it all and keep it organised, possibly in addition to a jewellery stand or tray which can lie on your nightstand with your favoured everyday pieces. For a jewellery tray, you can get a small dish or tray, or make your own!

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