Timeless Tips for Decorating with Antique Furniture in 2019

Looking to buy some new furniture for your home? Why not consider browsing around for some antique furniture? In this article, we’ll look into why antique furniture can become a great investment, plus our top tips for styling antique furniture around your home.

Inside this article:

  • Why antique furniture is a smart investment.
  • How to decorate with a mix of antique and modern furniture.
  • When to refurbish antiques chairs, tables, cabinets and other furniture.
  • Which era to choose your antique furniture from.

What makes something antique? Is vintage furniture the same thing? To put it simply, antique tends to be anything over 100 years, while vintage is an old piece but not quite at that century mark. Either way, the value of a piece of antique furniture will depend on its origins, rarity and demand.

However, decorating with antique furniture is well worth the investment. Buying antique furniture will hopefully make you money if you ever decide to sell and has a host of other benefits. Keep reading to find them out, plus our timeless tips for decorating with antique furniture in 2019.

The Top 3 Reasons to Decorate with Antique Furniture

1. The antique furniture still around is made to last.

Furniture 100 years ago was the same as furniture today. You had the budget, cheaper materials that don’t last as long and then you have the expensive, well-made, sturdy furniture that just lasts and lasts.

However, this does mean the antique furniture we still have with us today tends to be top quality.


2. By decorating with antique furniture, you inherit the story behind it.

Have you ever noticed when someone tells you the age of a piece of antique furniture, they’ll tell you where it comes from? Part of the value of the piece can actually come from the story. Imagine sitting on the same chair royalty sat on hundreds of years ago or using the same dresser your great-great-great grandmother used each day. It feels special.


3. The right antique furniture will appreciate in value.

Not all antique furniture will be worth a lot of money. The quality of the piece, current condition, history, availability and demand for the product all influence its value. However, the right type of antique furniture can possibly make you more money than you bought it for originally.

To ensure you’re getting the right amount for your antiques, ensure you visit a valuer or a professional antique dealer. If it’s a specialty item, you may be required to find a dealer who has experience and knowledge in that area.


The Top 3 Ways to Decorate with Antique Furniture

1. Mix your antique pieces with modern furniture.

One of our favourite ways to style antique furniture is to combine old world with new world. Even small additions like an antique rug, mirror or artwork can bring a homely feel to a cold-looking house.

For the more adventurous, pairing an antique armchair with contemporary couches or an antique desk in a stark office will add character, even to a room full of mass-produced furniture.


2. Decorating within a particular era can help with consistency.

With so many different styles of antique furniture, you may find your furniture is not cohesive if they are from different era. The various movements in furniture styles throughout history have focal points and its best to avoid clashing styles. Even if you you’re decorating with modern and antique furniture in one room, sticking to one era of antiques will help with your furniture arrangement.

Here are some of the most popular styles to consider using:

  • Elizabethan (1500s)
  • Queen Anne (1700s)
  • Georgian (1700 – 1800s)
  • Victorian (1830s – 1900s)
  • Art Nouveau (1880s – 1900s)

3. Restore antique furniture to bring it back to life.

Let’s face it; antique furniture is old. If your piece is looking a little lacklustre, maybe think about having it restored to its original condition. However, before you pull out your sander or paintbrushes, talk to an expert.

Restoring antiques can actually decrease its value. So, if you want to ensure you get the most value out of your piece, talk to a professional antique upholsterer or restorer.


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