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About Plumbers in Australia

Sarah Russo October 6, 2019 - 5 min read
about plumbers in australia who fix bathroom taps

What does an Aussie plumber do? How much does a typical plumbing job cost? Should plumbers be licensed to work in Australia? Find out everything you need to know about hiring a plumber!

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Stump and Tree Removal: FAQ Guide 2019

Brit McDowell September 26, 2019 - 4 min read
white house with large tree and fence

Trees can become a great feature for our backyard, and can increase our property value. However, sometimes they can become dangerous or a nuisance. Here is our 2019 FAQ guide for every question you may have on stump and tree removal.

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7 Best High-Pressure Cleaning Videos that are Oddly Satisfying

Brit McDowell September 2, 2019 - 3 min read
Man using high pressure cleaning machine to wash car tyres

If you love to see home transformations, then the weird but wonderful world of high pressure cleaning videos may interest you! We’ve found 7 of the most oddly satisfying instagram videos to watch and to help inspire you to give some parts around your home a much needed clean!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Kitchen Tiles

Brit McDowell August 27, 2019 - 3 min read
Modern kitchen with white kitchen tiles splashback

We found one simple way to take your kitchen from cold and outdated to vibrant and welcoming—using kitchen tiles! We look at the top five biggest trends in kitchen tiles including everything from colour schemes, shapes and textures.

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Woman and inflatable pool toy in pool

Fibreglass Pools 101: 2019 FAQ Guide

Brit McDowell July 12, 2019 - 4 min read
Woman and inflatable pool toy in pool

When it comes to building a pool, home owners have many questions on their mind. What type? Chlorine or saltwater? How big and where should it be installed? Heres every question you have on fibreglass pools answered.

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