Types of Summer Flowers in Australia 🌺

If you’ve been looking for the perfect flowers to add to your home this summer, then look no further! We’ve found the top 13 Australian summer flowers…

When summer comes around, it’s refreshing to have bright flowers in your home that are lively and attractive. With so many types of summer flowers in Australia, it can be hard to decide which one/s are right for you. However, with the harsh Aussie climate, it’s essential to have flowers which can thrive with soaring temperatures. 

There are also benefits to having flowers in your home, which is why we recommend regularly getting flowers as a treat for yourself. Flowers can be a gift, sign of love or a kind gesture, which is why they are such a lovely item to have nearby as they represent love and kindness through their meaning and essence. With so many flowers to choose from this summer, we thought we’d help narrow it down for you.

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13 Top Types of Summer Flowers in Australia

While we all know the benefits of having flowers in our home or office, there are so many different types of flowers of summer flowers! Every season there are new seasonal blooms to help with air quality, our creativity and just to look at.

To help you make a decision, we’ve picked our top 13 favourite summer flowers, including dahlias, calibrachoas and more. Additionally, we’ve provided their symbolism so you know which ones to give to loved ones, or those you’re angry with…

1. Dahlias.

Dahlias are intricate flowers no summer bouquet is complete without. They come in a wide range of colours, including white, pink, purple, orange, red and yellow, as well as different shapes and sizes. You can recognise a dahlia by their layers of petals, with a full appearance that is vibrant and lively. 

Additionally, Dahlias are easy to care for and  can last 7+ days in a vase (trimming stems regularly).

Dahlias symbolise strength and change.

While each colour may change their symbolism, Dahlias generally symbolise strength and change, but can also symbolise betrayal. They have been a symbol of a lasting bond and lifetime commitment, used for weddings during the Victorian era, along with roses, carnations, lilies, baby’s-breath and peonies.

2. Delphiniums.

Delphiniums are tall flowers boasting spiky blooms and vibrant colours. You can get delphiniums in shades of pink, purple, white and blue. They are a perfect summer flower to add a pop of colour to your home. 

However, beware of their beauty; they are toxic to humans and animals. If you have pets, it’s best to avoid delphiniums as they can cause death just hours after eating the plant.

Delphiniums symbolise joy and happiness.

It’s no surprise these joyous flowers may represent positive aspects. Delphiniums resemble reaching new goals and the excitement of blooming love. They also represent protection, which stems from their history of being used as defence from scorpions.

3. Calibrachoas.

Calibrachoa is another flower, blossoming for 75% of the year. Although they can live in different seasons, they are short-lived. They look best flowing out of flower pots, baskets or large containers. 

With various shades including red, white, orange, pink, blue, yellow and purple, these small flowers grow at a fast rate.

Calibrachoas symbolise anger and resentment.

While these flowers are beautiful, they symbolise negative emotions. As all flower symbolisms, it depends on the relationship between the giver and receiver and the colour of the flowers. 

On the other hand, Calibrachoas can also symbolise a longing to be with someone; their presence is soothing like the flower. Make sure your intentions are clear, or subtly buy someone these flowers if you want to be passive-aggressive.

4. Portulacas.

Similar to calibrachoa flowers, portulacas are also small and short flowers available in various vibrant colours. However, the flower shape and petals are different, while still being a similar size. 

Portulacas thrive in hot, dry climates which is why they’re a perfect type of summer flower to ask for at your local florist. Additionally, there are plenty of flower colours from purple to yellow and are the perfect way to add summer colours into your home.

Portulacas symbolise confession of love.

These stunning and vibrant flowers represent confessions of love. These bright flowers are perfect reminders to appreciate your loved ones and to follow your heart.

5. Sunflowers.

Sunflowers are a classic summer flora, boasting their robust yellow hues. A resemblance of the sun itself, there’s no doubt these flowers would look outstanding in your home.

As you may have guessed, yes, sunflowers enjoy a lot of sun! To keep these gorgeous flowers happy, give them as much sun as possible.

Sunflowers symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity.

Resembling the sun itself, it’s no surprise sunflowers have positive meanings. This makes them the perfect gift for loved ones and friends, displaying their positivity and brightness. Sunflowers are a traditional gift for lovers to give each other on their third wedding anniversary.

6. New Guinea Impatiens.

New Guinea impatiens are different to their more common impatiens (AKA touch-me-nots) because they thrive in the sun, while common impatiens do not. With colourful varieties, these low-maintenance summer flowers come in orange, white, pink, red and purple.  

This is the perfect flower to add to your home, with tropical leaves to make the flower colours stand out. They can thrive in containers, window boxes and gardens, giving you multiple ways to incorporate them into your life.

Impatiens symbolise motherly love.

Impatiens are a warm and calming flower, which explains why they symbolise motherly love.

7. Coreopsis.

Similar in appearance to daisies, these flowers have been bred to come in more colours than just yellow. They are low maintenance and can attract butterflies to your garden (or possibly to your kitchen-counter). The GMO versions have meagre stems with larger flowers come in pink, burgundy, white, copper and multi-colours.

Coreopsis symbolises cheerfulness.

Similar in positive resemblance to sunflowers, coreopsis represents cheerfulness and love. They often attract butterflies, showing off their ability to draw attraction to themselves, the same as love sometimes does.

8. Lilies.

These large, fragrant flowers are a beautiful type of summer flower. With tall stems, 6 large petals and tall pistils, lilies are a graceful statement piece that bring a delightful ambiance wherever they go. 

Once you get lilies, you’ll wonder why you ever went a summer without them. Not only do these beyond comparable flowers bloom elegantly, but their fragrance is intoxicating.

Lilies symbolise pureness and love.

Lilies are symbols of purity and fertility, displayed by their white colouring and refreshing scent. They are sweet and charming, representing rebirth and fresh starts.

9. Roses.

An international symbol of love, roses have earned their place at the top of the charts. Their charming and sleek petals are adorned with a delicate but attractive scent. Available in a variety of colours, roses will always be a staple piece. 

If you buy roses, make sure to watch out for the thorns and trim the stems to make them last longer. On average, roses last approximately seven days.

Roses symbolise love and passion.

Roses were associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. They have been used to express love and are used to give a lover or love interest on Valentine’s Day. Roses are beautiful flowers with spiky thorns; similar to love, giving someone your heart can be beautiful, but it can also cause you pain. 

10. Hydrangea.

This native Japanese plant possesses multiple flowers in a unique arrangement. Hydrangeas consist of smaller flowers that are under the larger, colourful flowers to make up and structure a full semi-circle arrangement. 

They can be white, blue, red, pink, green and purple and can grow as shrubs or climbing trees and vines. You can feel like the rightful Queen B, Blair Waldorf in my honest opinion, and have hydrangea bouquets in your house.

Hydrangeas symbolise gratitude.

Hydrangeas are elegant and refreshing, symbolising heartfelt and honest emotions. They are a common gift for 4th year wedding anniversaries, representing appreciation and love.

11. Carnations.

Carnations are an excellent type of summer flower to ask your local florist for. Their longer stems hold the brightly coloured flower with delicate layers of petals. These flowers come in many colours, which can be multicoloured, with intense pigment in the centre surrounded by a white trim. 

Carnations look beautiful in a bouquet and are the perfect size for a vase. Additionally, they can last up to three weeks by keeping them out of direct sunlight and trimming the stems occasionally.

Carnations symbolise fascination and love.

Carnations are known as the flowers of the gods, which is what their scientific name translates to. Thus, it’s no surprise this flower represents fascination and love.

12. Lavender.

As soon as you read this, you could probably already smell this beautiful flora. This purple herb is not only visually appealing, but great to place in your bedroom to help you sleep with its soft, calming scent.

Lavender symbolises purity, grace and calmness.

Lavender has the ability to relax people with its scent, so it’s justified to represent calmness. Their purple colouring represents grace and are the perfect flower to make any room more elegant.

13. Baby’s-breath.

This wispy plant features multiple stems and small pops of dainty white flowers. As elegant as baby’s breath, it holds its name high with its pure and light appearance. Babies breath is available year-round and is commonly added to bouquets. Moreover, it looks stunning in small vases for a graceful ambiance.

Baby’s-breath symbolises ever-lasting love and purity.

Baby’s-breath is refreshing and lively, with hundreds of small white flowers that look like falling snow. This flower can be commonly seen in wedding arrangements and bouquets given to lovers, expressing their ever-lasting love for each other.

About Dried Flowers in Australia for Summer

Dried flowers are another option for those looking for very, very low maintenance flowers. They can cost slightly more money than fresh flowers, but can last for years. You can get flowers that will last for much longer than the summer, featuring a mix of flora from Australian flora like eucalyptus to globe thistles, there are so many bouquet options. 

There are even some specialised dried flower stores, where you can select each item and build your own bouquet. Dried flowers are great for those who lack green thumbs. Although dried flowers may be more expensive than traditional bouquets, they last far longer so you won’t have to buy new flowers every week or so. Additionally, they’re a great gift as that person will have them for a far longer time. It’s great to always have flowers in your home, even if they’re dried!

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