The best bedroom storage

July 29, 2015 - 2 min read

Gone are the days when simple wardrobes and a chest of drawers satisfied our storage needs. Whether that pile of books is taking over your surfaces or your clothes are bursting out of your current wardrobe, check out this blog for some great ideas to maximise your bedroom space. From unique ways to hang your necklaces and scarfs, to large built-in closets and vintage suitcases, you’re bound to find the perfect storage option for you! Don’t suffer with a cluttered room and check out these awesome ideas today!

For general storage:

The classic built-in closet

Whether you fancy one that looks like it’s off the set of Sex in the City, or would prefer to keep it simple with a minimalistic design, when it comes to built-in closets, the choice is yours. Just remember to utilise the area with hanging space, shelves and even storage boxes to keep it organised!

End-of-bed storage

Do you have far too many jumpers? End-of-bed chests are a great option for storing all your larger clothes that you don’t want to hang up! Depending on the style of your room, there’s a variety of options to choose from including modern benches, old chests and even vintage suitcases!

For accessories:

Scarf hanger

Fed up of that messy pile of scarves? Create yourself a scarf hanger! This idea is super simple, requires hardly any time and looks great as a centre piece in the room. Simply get yourself a metal coat hanger, loosely tie your scarfs onto it and attach a screw to the wall!

Picture frame jewellery holder

Nobody likes sorting tangled necklaces, so why suffer? Grab yourself a nice-looking picture frame, take out the glass and add in a few hooks. Place onto the wall and add your favourite jewellery—simple and stylish!

For bits and pieces:

Ceiling shelves

Whether you own every book under the sun, or simply have far too much clutter, a great way to maximise the space within your room is by adding ceiling shelves. Here you’ll be able to keep all your smaller belongings out of the way, all while looking rather stylish!

Under-bed storage

This classic idea is perfect for storing anything from spare bed linen and throws, to electrical appliances such as hairdryers and curlers. Simply grab yourself a few tasteful boxes, fill them up with stuff, and place underneath your bed!