The 5 Benefits of Having Flowers in Your Home

December 3, 2015 - 2 min read

Flowers in your home can be more than just beautiful decor – in fact flowers are greta for productivity, air quality and creativity! Find out more reasons why you should have flowers in your home.

#1 Mood

How flowers in your home can improve your mood

What makes you happier than seeing a vase of brightly coloured, fresh flowers first thing in the morning? Behavioural studies have shown that placing flowers in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway or wherever you get ready to start your day, can help beat the morning blues. People with fresh flowers in their homes are more likely to feel relaxed, less anxious and more empathetic towards others. If you’re studying for exams or preparing a major presentation at work, flowers will also help with stress and take the edge off.

#2 Energy

Colourful flower arrangement

Seeing and smelling fresh flowers in your home will also boost positivity, energy and enthusiasm. People who keep fresh flowers and potted plants in their home are more likely to carry optimistic energy throughout their day and work life. Flowers with bold, saturated colours will have a bigger impact in boosting your energy levels.

#3 Air Quality

Plants and Flowers that improve air quality

Indoor flowers and plants have a number of benefits on your physical health. In fact, NASA scientists have discovered at least 50 houseplants and flowers that eliminate harmful pollutants that could otherwise cause headaches, coughs, colds, allergies and fatigue. These leafy green plants and flowers purify the air and release oxygen, while absorbing dangerous toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

#4 Creativity

Inspiring flower arrangements for the office

As well as clearing the air and your head, fresh flowers are important for boosting creativity. And, it’s healthier than pouring yourself countless cups of coffee when you’re stumped. You can also add bright flowers and fresh plants to your child’s bedroom or play area, as this will cater to their growing imagination, while encouraging responsibility. If you’re feeling uninspired, grab a ficus and place it on your desk in your home office.

#5 Productivity

Woman using laptop with a vase of flowers

If you’re working from home, placing flowers or plants around the home will not only increase your creativity, but studies have shown that they also improve concentration and productivity. Flowers with bright petals and large leaves, such as lilies, are perfect for increasing your productivity.

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