Types of Flowers Blooming in the Cooler Months

As the months begin to cool down, you don’t have to say goodbye to the beautiful garden you’ve enjoyed in spring and summer. In fact, if you do a little research and planning, you can enjoy a variety of colourful and leafy flowers and plants all year round – you just need to know when each blooms. We’ve compiled a list of our absolute favourite flowers that bloom from March to August and included a few tips on how to display them.

Part of the charm of living in Australia is getting to enjoy the beautiful flowers that grow and bloom throughout the year. Despite most flowers prospering in the spring and summer months, some bloom and show their true colours in the winter and autumn.

If you are thinking about planting a flower bed in your garden or selecting flowers for an upcoming event, you may want to learn about the types of flowers that bloom during the next few months.

White orchid flowers

March: Gardenias, Orchids and Dahlias

Gardenias, orchids and dahlias are excellent options for planting garden flowers, while they also make for stylish wedding arrangements. Gardenias are especially attractive when surrounded by green foliage, as their white petals emerge in March.

Orchids do require a bit of finesse for wedding or event arrangements, but their different colours can add a cutting element to bouquets and table pieces. These flowers also bloom in March, as do Dahlias.

Colourful assortment of tulip flowers

April:  Tulips, Chrysanthemums and Garden Roses

Tulips are a very versatile flower, as they look incredible when slightly or entirely open. If you are attempting to put together an eye-catching flower arrangement for an April wedding, tulips are a terrific option.

Chrysanthemums also bloom in April, with their yellow, purple or red petals recognisable from a mile away. You could pair them with garden roses in your flower bed, as the latter has a slightly understated aesthetic that goes perfectly with the bolder chrysanthemum.

White camellia flowers in bloom

May to July: Cornflowers, Camellias and Singapore Orchids

If you love blue, cornflowers will make an excellent addition to your garden. They can also go very well in wedding arrangements, especially if you wish to add a more masculine colour to table centre pieces. These flowers bloom in May and June.

With a light pink, purple or white aesthetic, camellias bloom in the same month and make for beautiful event flowers. They go great with other petals in an arrangement, while shining on their own as well.

If you wish to gift a bouquet to someone special, Singapore orchids are a must buy during these months, as they come to life around June.

Purple iris flowers in garden

August: Bethlehems, Irises and Oriental Lilies

The pure white petals of Bethlehem flowers are perfect for showcasing the beauty of a garden in August. While they do require attention to detail while growing, those blooms that fill up your flower bed make the effort worthwhile.

Oriental lilies have a traditional white or pink appearance, with their wide opening petals perfect for home gardens. With the proper care, they come to life at the start of autumn.

Irises have a striking blue or purpose appearance, adding vibrancy and personality to any arrangement or bouquet. They are also a great way to add some colour to your front or backyard, without overwhelming the area with a flowery aesthetic.

The end of summer does not mean you are out of options for planting flowers, gifting bouquets or creating gorgeous event arrangements. Many beautiful flowers bloom in Australia from March to August!

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