The 5 Best Wedding Gifts that Won’t Get Regifted

When it comes to shopping for a wedding gift for someone close to you, forget vases and pots and find something unique or personalised that they will cherish. If you are looking for a wedding gift that any couple will love, read on to find out the 5 best wedding gifts that won’t get regifted.

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  • The most common items on wedding registries.
  • Some top tips for wedding present shopping.
  • Unique and personalised wedding gift ideas for 2019.

Weddings give us the opportunity to dress up, dance until the early hours and celebrate the love of the newlyweds. While wedding stress is normally associated with the planning, finding the best wedding gift to suit the couple can cause the guests to sweat too.

One option is to choose from the couple wedding registry (if they have one) or you could personalise a gift the newlyweds will cherish for life. Check out these wedding gift ideas that won’t get regifted.

Wedding Gift FAQ

What are the most common gifts on a wedding registry?

A wedding registry is a list of items a soon-to-be married couple will select for guests to choose from to give as gifts. The most commonly registered gifts are:

  • Homewares, such as vases & throws
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Crystal or glassware
  • Pots & pans
  • Linen
  • Gift cards

How much should I spend on a wedding present?

Can you put a price on love? We’re kidding, but honestly, there is no set amount. How much you spend on a gift depends on how well you know the couple as well as your own budget. However, wedding etiquette normally dictates you spend a minimum (or give if the couple has a wishing well) of $50.

At the end of the day, if your budget is tight, the couple will only remember you celebrated their big day with them, not how much you spent on a gift.

Where can I buy wedding gifts?

In 2019, shopping for wedding gifts has never been easier. Traditionally, a wedding registry will be available with a certain store or department store, however many couples are opting to create registries online.

As for where to buy gifts, consider purchasing the couple an experience to spend time together for something outside of the box or even something personalised from a local specialist.

wedding gift table with presents and cards

4 Top Wedding Gift Tips

1. Shop for the couple.

Keep the couple in mind when looking for a gift. A couple who loves to cook will appreciate a kitchen gadget more than the couple who do not spend much time in the kitchen. If the couple has a smaller house or a lack of storage space, buying something large or bulky may not be the best option.

2. Group gifts are acceptable.

If there is a big-ticket item the newlyweds will love, why not group together with other guests to buy it? This could include a luxury appliance or an experience.

3. If you can’t give the gift on the day, don’t wait too long.

In some cases, it may not be possible to give the couple the gift at the wedding. Be it the gift is too big or bulky to easily transport, or was not ready in time, make sure you can gift it to them within the upcoming month. The newlyweds will have thank-you cards to write!

4. If in doubt, ask a family member or close friend of the bride and groom.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a wedding of someone we’re not particularly close to. When this happens, it may be worth finding out who the maid of honour or bridal party are and finding out what a good option will be. 

5 Best Unique Wedding Gift Ideas of 2019

1. Cheese making set.

Why stop at a nice cheese board when you can gift the couple a cheese making set? This is the perfect gift idea for the couple who loves to entertain, or just enjoys a great charcuterie board.

Whether it’s a soft or hard cheese, this is a great idea for the couple to spend time together making and enjoy eating.

Blocks of yellow parmigiano cheese

2. Personalised artwork.

No matter their taste, any couple would appreciate personalised artwork. If they have a more modern taste, why not find some framed artwork to hang in their bedroom or living room, or opt for a laser-engraved wooden sign if they prefer things rustic.

There are many options for personalised artwork. Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • Lyrics to their wedding song.
  • Important dates or milestones of the couple.
  • A map or skyline of the city where they met.
  • A star map of their birth signs.
  • Engravings of their names.
  • Embroidery

3. Wine storage or bar cart.

A newlywed couple will have a lot to celebrate and will most likely be gifted many bottles of wine, scotch and glassware. Why not think ahead and gift them somewhere to store it all! We love the idea of a hanging wine storage or a bar cart to display all their favourite drinks.

4. Personalised keepsake box or photo album.

The couple who loves to travel will love something to store all their memories in. For something compact, a photo album may work or why not a gorgeous chest to sit on a dress or shelf? Both options are perfect for travel memories or even wedding photos.

For an extra special touch, have the couple’s initials engraved or embossed on the surface.

wedding photo book engraved with love on front

5. Technology.

In 2019, there’s no need to stick to buying a wedding present that will end up in a cupboard somewhere. Virtual home assistants are all the rage, especially for that tech-savvy couple.

google home mini on bedside table with plant

Feature photo by Aegean Wedding Photography on Unsplash

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