The Best Essential Beauty Trends of 2019, So Far

Looking for the biggest beauty trends of 2019? We’ve found everything you need to know about whats popular in hair, skin care and make up this year and whats all over Instagram. Plus, find out how 2019 is the biggest year yet for eco-friendly, cruelty free beauty!

In this article, you’ll find:

  • The biggest trends in 2019 for hair, skin care and makeup.
  • How 2019 beauty has become more eco friendly.
  • The decade making a comeback in hair accessories.

Each year brings us new essential beauty trends in hair, skin care and makeup. In 2018 we saw bold brows and neon colours make a comeback, while this year in 2019, we’ve seen more monochromatic looks with products stripping back to simple ingredients and formulas.

We’ve found the best and biggest trends of 2019—so far—in hair, skin care and makeup and put them all in one handy article for you.

Hair Trends 2019

Lilac hair

For those of us who love bright or bold hair colours but aren’t game to try them, 2019 gifted us an essential beauty trend that is a little more subtle—lilac locks. Thanks to the balayage trend still being well and truly alive, even those with dark features could lighten their mid-to-end lengths and add a lilac rinse.

The best part is, you don’t even have to make the switch with a permanent dye. There are fantastic toners that will leave a tint in your hair, which can be rinses out in 2–3 washes. Perfect for those who want to go lilac for a few and then switch to a fairy floss pink.–k/

No package shampoo and conditioner

It’s important to reduce our use of plastic and other non-recyclable materials wherever we can, and our hair care is no exception.

Many brands have released packaging-free shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments. Stock up on a solid shampoo or conditioning bar and keep your hair and the earth happy! It’s a responsible essential beauty trend that gives to the generations to come.

90s hair accessories

If you have secretly missed the butterfly clips and cool hair accessories you wore in your childhood, raise your hand. One of the biggest hair trends in 2019 is a nod to 90s fashion. Think butterfly clips, stacked bobby pins and bedazzled hair clips. Jenna Marbles even did a full 90s-inspired head-to-toe makeover and we’re here for it.


Another huge fashion comeback in hair accessories is the scrunchie—and our hair is loving us for it. Scrunchies may seem a bit gaudy but they’re not suffocating or ripping out your hair, which reduces split ends, meaning longer, more luscious locks.

Skin Care Trends 2019

Sheet masks

Good skin care is always an essential beauty trend, but sheet masks are giving us the opportunity to have no-mess facials anywhere at any time.

Here are some of our favourite ingredients you may find in a sheet mask and how they can benefit your skin:

  • Green tea is an amazing antibacterial ingredient perfect for cleansing your skin and treating blemishes.
  • Chamomile is perfect for calming your skin with its abundance of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rosewater is one of our favourite ingredients for helping control excess oil. It’s also super hydrating!

Bonus tip: If you’re travelling, keep a sheet mask in your carry-on bag on the plane and pop it on towards the end of your flight. Your moisture-deprived skin will thank you for it later.

sheet mask and skin cream on table with womans hand

Polyhydroxy acids

Polyhydroxy acids seems like another hard to pronounce, mystery ingredient you’d find on the back of any skin care product, but what is it? Previously, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) have been popular ingredients in products due to their ability to hydrate and cleanse skin.

2019 has brought us the next biggest skin care ingredient trend—Polyhydroxy acids. They’re known for being a great exfoliant and are even good for sensitive skin types. You’ll find this in products like cleansers and toners.

Note: Always consult a doctor about ingredients to use on your skin and conduct a patch test before using.

Kind packaging and ingredients

Skin care has made a massive leap this year in its packaging and ingredients. We’ve seen many brands begin to use recycled packaging and ditch the plastic microbeads in products such as exfoliants, due to their harmful impact on the environment. Now that’s an essential beauty trend we can easily all get behind.

happy girl with flower crown with clean skin

Makeup Trends 2019

Glossy eyeshadow

Bye, bye matte eyeshadows. Well, not really but the excess of jelly, liquid and cream eyeshadows with a glossy finish are absolute goals. A little touch of glossy eyeshadow and you’ll look fresh and dewy like you’ve just come home from a holiday in Ibiza.

Monochromatic eyeshadows

If you feel like every YouTube, influencer and celebrity has released an eyeshadow palette this year, it’s not just you. But we’re loving it! With just one palette you can create a dramatic ombre look featuring blue, pink, orange or any other colour of the rainbow.

Lash extensions

We’ve talked about lash extensions before, but they’re becoming one of the most essential beauty trends of the year. You can customise your lashes to suit your look and feel like you’re still presentable without a scrap of makeup on.

Bold Blush

Add instant colour to your cheeks with some bold blush! Some of our favourite 2019 beauty looks have included rosy cheeks.

Sneaky tip: A cream or liquid blush is the perfect 3-in-1 ingredient. Use it on your cheeks, eyelids and lips!

Vegan and cruelty-free makeup

Others shouldn’t suffer for our essential beauty trends. Luckily vegan and cruelty-free makeup is on the rise, with many brands being boycotted for not doing so.

three swatches of red and pink lipstick

feature photo by yunona uritsky on Unsplash

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