9 Dreamy Shots to Ask Your Wedding Photographer to Take (Gallery)

Your wedding day is monumental. A lot of time, money, thought and love goes into one day. So, you want your photos to capture the mood perfectly. Ensure you and your wedding photographer are on the same page with some of these dreamy ideas.

A professional wedding photographer will have a keen eye for top locations, the best lighting, flattering poses and, in general, how to give you stunning photos to cherish forever. However, if there is a shot (or shots) you specifically want, speak up.

These are some of our favourite ideas for wedding photos, with examples pulled from Instagram. Be sure to show your favourites to your chosen photographer and work with them to get the results you want.

9 Ideas to Show Your Wedding Photographer

1. Stolen Moments

Posed shots are lovely in their own way but nothing quite shows the love two people share like candid photos. Ask your photographer to snap some shots while you steal a moment to yourselves, travelling in-between shoot locations, during your first dance, enjoying your catering, etc. Oh, and don’t forget those tears of happiness and laughter during speeches—they also turn out incredible.


2. Candid Photos of Your Bridal Party

Everyone will tell you to cherish and store every moment of your wedding in your mind. But before you walk down the aisle, you’re probably going to be nervous, dealing with last minute details and have your mind occupied. So, have your wedding photographer capture the moments for you, such as you and your bridal party getting ready, hanging out at the wedding and sharing in your love.


3. Details of Your Venue

Most couples pay a pretty penny for their wedding venue, and yet most don’t take advantage of why they chose it in the first place. Wedding photographers are pretty good at picking the best spots out of your location to ensure you have the perfect photos but remember to mention to them your favourite spots to ensure you get those special shots.


4. The Details You Thought Would Be the Make or Break

While you’re planning a wedding, every single detail, down to the brand of champagne your guests drink while you take your photos. On the actual day, you’ll be lucky to even see every guest, let alone pay attention to those details you poured your heart and soul into. Let your photographer in on your planning so they know exactly what is special to you. We’re talking cake, flowers, transport, llamas…everything.


5. The ‘Smallest’ Part of Your Wedding

If there is anyone as excited for your wedding as you and your partner, it’s your flower girls and ring bearers. Children also add a certain magic to a wedding and never fail to put a smile on every face. The magic never fails to come through in photos.


6. Rain, Rain, Come and Play

It’s said rain on your wedding day is good luck. While it may not feel like it, especially if you have an outdoor wedding, rain makes for absolutely stunning wedding shots. Some couples are even faking rain and puddles to get that rain-day look!


7. Guest Reactions

Who can get through a wedding ceremony without getting a little welled up? If you flick through most people’s wedding albums, you’ll see photos of the bride coming down the aisle and the occasion groom with tears of joy at seeing his stunning bride—but what of the guests? During the ceremony, you’ll be occupied by your nuptials, so it’s nice to see how everyone


8. Those Closest to You

Your big day is about you and your partner creating your own family, while bringing your two sides together as one. This is a big day for your families and there are moments on the day you’ll cherish forever—even more so when people pass on. Take a look at these photos and tell me you don’t want them too. And it doesn’t have to be your mum or dad. If you’re closest to your brother, sister, best friend, aunty, uncle—whoever it is—be sure to have some photos taken with them.


9. Schedule Photos for the Day After Your Wedding

A growing trend is to book in your wedding photographer for the day after the big day—even hopping back in your outfits. You’ll be more relaxed, in a love bubble and won’t feel rushed to get to your guests.


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