6 tiny house hacks to maximise space

September 3, 2015 - 2 min read

A small space does not have to mean you don’t have enough storage space or a great design. here are some great ideas to use in your home to help maximise space and create a modern look!

Can’t fit all your things into that small apartment? Check out these 6 simple and effective solutions, which can help utilise any tiny space! From pegboards and mirror tricks to secret storage and shelving tips, follow our guide and maximise your living space!

Utilise Door Space

When it comes to storage doors are often overlooked when in fact, they should be your best friend! Pop up a few hooks, invest in a simple shoe rack or use the space to hang a full-length mirror—the possibilities are endless!


If you’re tight on space, pegboards are a great idea! Depending on your needs, these magical storage solutions can be used in a variety of ways, such as hanging up pots and pans in the kitchen and keeping control of your bits and pieces in the office!

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Mirror Mirror on the wall…

It’s no secret that mirrors can help make rooms look and feel larger. To incorporate this into your own room, simply invest in an oversized mirror and place it on a central wall—your space will look instantly larger!

Secret Storage

Going for the minimalistic look but have too many things? Invest in some furniture with secret storage compartments. Whether it’s a bed that fold up, a coffee table with hidden drawers or a built-in bin, there are so many ways to utilise your space to achieve a cleaner, less cluttered look!

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White, Light & Bright

Making your room light and bright will make your living space appear bigger than it actually is. With this in mind, be sure to opt for light colours for the walls, and add splashes of colour through furniture and ornaments.

Super Duper Shelving

With so many modern and contemporary designs out there, shelving is the perfect way to de-clutter your living space. Utilise your household shelves with all those odd bits and pieces including living room clutter, kitchen equipment and even clothing and accessories.

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