1. Have A Wedding Emergency Kit

Split Dress
If there’s something worse than getting a blister, being hungry, bleeding lipstick or a tear in a dress, it’s being unprepared for these things. Before your wedding day, arrange for someone to have an emergency kit to prepare for any unexpected incidents. Whether it’s your wedding planner, maid of honour or your mum, ensure some reliable can bring it to the wedding venue!
In your emergency kit, ensure you include these things:

  • Snacks (protein bars, crackers etc.)
  • Band-Aids
  • Paw paw cream (great for rubbing shoes, lip balm, stuck zips)
  • Lipstick to match the one you’re wearing on the day
  • Sanitary products (you never know!)
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Clear nail polish (perfect for stocking snags, chipped nail polish etc.)

And any other items you feel will save you from stressing on your big day.

2. Call Your Suppliers & Venues A Week Before Your Wedding

Booking wedding
You may have the details locked in a contract, but sometimes things happen, i.e. lost paperwork, accidental double booking etc. Help keep your big day stress free by calling all your suppliers and venues several times throughout your wedding planning process to confirm the details. Call again one week from your wedding day to confirm once more, just to be safe.
Ensure you call these people to confirm your details:

  • Ceremony & reception venue (confirm guest number, back-up option etc.)
  • Photographer & videographer (check times they agreed to be available)
  • Florist (ask them to repeat the flower types & arrangements ordered)
  • Car hire (triple check what time they will be arriving & if available for photos)
  • Caterer (if your venue isn’t catering, check the guests agreed & selection)

Note: If you’ve hired a wedding planner, they’ll be in regular communication with your suppliers. You may wish to ask for confirmation emails for your own records. 

3. Book Your Final Wedding Dress Alterations In The Last Week

Dress Alterations
Throughout your wedding planning process, you’ll go for several wedding dress fittings. If possible, have your final fitting in the week leading up to your wedding. A lot can change in a week, so doing it at the last possible moment will help ensure your gown fits like a glove. Just ensure in advance that your seamstress is able to make changes at the last minute if needed.
If you’ve already received your gown, wear it for at least 15 minutes in the week of your wedding. Sit down in the dress, have a little dance and put on your lingerie and your high heels to make sure it’s comfortable. This will give you time to make any changes, if necessary.
These are some things to look for to ensure you’re comfortable on your big day:

  • The bust of the gown doesn’t slip down
  • The hem of the gown doesn’t drag on the ground
  • The layers under the gown don’t ride up or twist uncomfortably
  • No buttons or lacing doesn’t come undone
  • No sections on the dress pinch
  • The dress looks smooth & no bra straps showing

4. Find Your Venue & Suppliers From Reputable Sources

Wedding Car
The most important step in ensuring you have a stress-free wedding is hiring reputable suppliers. When considering companies to hire for your wedding, ask for recommendations from family and friends, look at reviews and use knowledgeable sources such as LocalSearch to find plenty of options. We’ve found plenty of car hire services to take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Looking For A Reliable Car Hire Service For Your Wedding?

A car hire service for your wedding can come in handy for more than just getting the bridal party to and from the wedding. If you have relatives flying in for your wedding, a nice touch is to arrange airport transfers to make their trip stress-free. A luxurious limousine airport transfer is also a great way to start off your honeymoon!
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