Save Thousands On Your Pop-Up Wedding!

September 8, 2015 - 2 min read

Dreaming of something smaller and more intimate than most traditional weddings? Find out why pop-up weddings are becoming a trend across Australia, and read our top tips for making sure your wedding is perfect.

What is a pop-up wedding?

Small intimate wedding ceremony with chair on field

The beauty of a pop-up wedding is that it merges elopement with a traditional wedding. The two extremes meet in the middle to give you an intimate wedding ceremony that requires no planning on your part. Maybe you never wanted to wear a traditional white dress or host your ceremony in a chapel? Pop-up weddings give you the opportunity to tie the knot in the vast hinterland, by the stunning ocean or other picturesque locations, while still reflecting your style.

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Is it for you?

Black and white wedding ceremony picture

If you never wanted a wedding with all the trimmings, or you’d rather spend most of your budget on the honeymoon, pop-up weddings are a great idea. Most pop-up wedding venues allow for only a few guests, adding to the intimacy of your ceremony. You and your partner will feel totally comfortable, having only your closest friends and relatives to celebrate with you.

Pop-up wedding businesses

The whole pop-up wedding concept began in Australia, and the trend is catching on around the world. Aussie companies such as The Pop-Up Wedding Co. have paved the way for many more wedding businesses too. Take some time to have a look into them, and see if there is one that suits you and the location you wish to be wed.

DIY pop-up wedding!

Small beach wedding ceremony with bride and groom

Although this will mean more planning on your part, doing your own pop-up wedding will still be less stressful than a full-blown, traditional wedding ceremony. By narrowing your guest list and simplifying the whole process, your wedding will be a relaxed, memorable experience, rather than one massive, stressful occasion!

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