Blackout Boredom Busters

September 7, 2015 - 2 min read

Have you ever been bored in a blackout? Well we have you covered, with a range of activities and tips for you and your family to keep busy.

Get the Neighbours Together

If you are worried about the food in your fridge and freezer going off, get the neighbours together for an impromptu street party!
Barbecue: Ask everyone to bring along some meat, salad or cold food and cook up a feast. A blackout is a great excuse to eat ice cream!

Esky: Use ice or cold packs to keep your drinks cool. Coolers are great for storing any items in your fridge that you’re worried about.

Lamps & Solar Lights: Keep the party going and set-up any camping or solar-panelled lights you have lying around.

Jam Session: No party is complete without music. Bring out a guitar (or any musical instruments) and have everyone sing along to their favourite tunes acoustic style.

Play Games

A torch can provide hours of fun in a power outage.
Our favourite torchlight games are:
Spotlight: A team of people will need to go and hide, while one person will be the searcher. The searcher will have a torch and when they ‘tag’ the person with the light, that person now joins the search team.

Shadow Charades: The rules of this game remain the same as charades, except the acting out of a book, movie or TV series is done via shadow play. Using a torch, the ‘it’ person is only allowed to use their body parts in the light of a torch to provide hints. They aren’t allowed to talk!

Ghost Stories: This isn’t technically a game, but it is fun! Use a torch to create an eerie glow on your face and try to scare the pants off your listeners.

Set-Up Camp

Pull out your camping gear and set-up a campsite in your own backyard!

Tents & Sleeping Bags: Pitch a tent and have the whole family camp out under the stars.

Picnic Dinner: Lay out a blanket and your favourite snacks or bring out the gas barbecue for a delicious dinner.

Star Gazing: Test your family’s imagination and play dot-to-dot with the stars.

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