4 Fabulous Themes For Your Wedding Day

December 17, 2015 - 3 min read

In addition to making your most special day even more memorable, choosing a theme for your wedding will allow you to eliminate some of the frustrating guesswork when it comes to deciding on your décor, cake, setting and other important motifs. Nothing quite inspires creativity like restriction, and a theme will make the process of planning your wedding all the more rewarding.
If you aren’t certain about what theme you’d like to go with, don’t stress. We’ve listed some of the most popular and practical wedding themes to give you some matrimonial motivation!

4 Wedding Themes for Aussie Brides & Grooms

Rustic Chic

The perfect way to harmonise classic wedding aesthetics with something more contemporary (without being overly showy) is to go with a Rustic Chic theme. In addition to being visually striking, Rustic Chic will give you the opportunity to upcycle items to use as décor. For example, watering cans could be used for flower centrepieces, suitcases could be used as a wishing well, and glass waterbottles could be a cute way to display table numbers. Colour, as with all motifs, is vital to get right in order to create the Rustic Chic theme. Contrast cream and powdery white tones with soft wheat, green and earthy colours. A great way to do this would be to use burlap napkins on a white satin tablecloth.


If you want to give your wedding that classic 1920’s art-deco charm, the Vintage theme is the clear choice. Giving your wedding a Great Gatsby flavour will allow you to get creative with bead string and feather combinations (peacock feathers can be particularly effective), as well as permit you to contrast monochromatic table arrangements with colourful floral bouquets. For your invitations, go with broad geometric patterns and bold font to maintain the art deco feel.
If you want to get your groom looking dapper, or want to draw inspiration from the 1920’s flapper, the Vintage theme is a great option. Check out our blog on vintage weddings for more inspiration.


To give your wedding a chilled-out, breezy and beautiful ambience, why not go with a Seaside theme? You could use seashells and artificial starfish for your table centrepieces, as well as light your venue with old-fashioned lanterns to enhance the romantic coastal vibe. A quirky and inspired way to maintain the seaside theme is to go with picnic-style seating for your outdoor areas, though be sure to accompany these with plenty of colourful cushions (white, pink, purple, yellow, turquoise and navy blue are always popular). Stunning coral patterns could also enhance your décor and even cake motif. The crowning element could be a mermaid-style bridal dress.


If you are looking to create a warm and rustic charm to your wedding, the Country theme is certainly the way to go. Even if you don’t have a barn staked out for the venue, you can still establish the sense of country comfort with effective little details. You could create a quaint wishing well for guests to place their special envelopes, reuse old crates for cup cake and canapé displays, or even attach your wedding invitations to horseshoes. If you are looking to incorporate something more eccentric to your country-wedding theme, you could have a plough wheel wedding game. Similar to wheel of fortune, a guest would spin the wheel with different prizes at different spokes, and win whichever prize the wheel stopped at.
Naturally, if you are going with a country theme, it’s a good idea to choose an outdoor setting.

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