How to Fix a Haunted House

Hearing creepy noises coming from your home? We’ve researched what these noises actually are and how to fix them. Keep reading to find out…

If you’re wondering how to fix a haunted house, we’ve got some solutions you won’t need the Ghostbusters for! From soft rumbles to loud rattling, there’s a plausible reason for any house noise. 

Creeks, whispers or humming noises can be caused not only by lingering spirits, but also by pipes! If you’ve been hearing creepy noises in your house, then worry no more as we may be able to help you solve the mystery with this list of 7 spooky noises and how to fix them.

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7 Spooky Pipe Noises in Your Home & How to Fix Them

There are many reasons why pipes can make loud and unusual noises. Some are minor issues while others are major, but it’s always best to get a professional to examine and fix the issue as pipes can be hard to access and potentially dangerous if not dealt with correctly.

1. Whistling noise.

If you’ve been hearing whistles in your house, it’s most likely a damaged pipe. When pipes are damaged, they release some air like a whistle, hence the sound you hear. This haunted house noise commonly occurs when a small piece wears out, like a valve piece or washer, common with dishwashers, washing machines and toilets. 

If you only hear this noise while one of these items is being used, then you can either try to locate the issue or find a plumber. You can adjust the valve by hand, but it’s best to get a professional to determine and fix the problem for you.

2. Banging noise.

Another alarming noise is banging. Often mistaken for ghosts in the walls, the noise is normally due to pipes having an inconsistency with water pressure or water flow. This spooky noise is most likely caused by ‘water hammers’, which is a plumbing noise caused by water being shut off briskly, which makes the rushing water halt and splash back which creates the noise. 

When turning water off, normally there’s an air chamber within the pipe to absorb this energy. It can wear down over the years resulting in water hammers. This noise is a sign there’s damage to your pipes and can even loosen the joints if the air chambers are clogged with water. 

Another possible reason for a banging noise in your walls is trapped air bubbles. These can occur most frequently at the higher points of your water supply system. If this is the issue, you may also notice bubbles and the tap sputtering. Once air has entered the plumbing lines, the noises won’t stop until the air has been removed. Luckily, this is an easy fix: click here for easy instructions for homeowners.

3. Humming noise.

Your pipes will be left vibrating if your water pressure is too strong for your house’s plumbing system’s capacity. A haunted humming noise may be the outcome, especially while the water is running. 

This can happen to any home, especially those relying on well water. If you do have a well, make sure to check your water tank pressure, which should be no higher than 55 PSI (pound-force per square inch). However, if you cannot access the reading of your water pressure, then it’s best to call a professional plumber to take a look and fix the issue.

4. Vibrating noise.

If you’re hearing vibrating noises coming from walls in your home, then there are issues more spooky than spirits. If the vibrations are coming from the wall behind your toilet, then your toilet fill valve may need replacing. These valves wear down over time and can be easily replaced by a plumber.

5. Gurgling noise.

If your pipes or drains are having difficulties with draining, they may make a gurgling noise as they try to drain the water. The pipe can be blocked by an object, such as a piece of plastic, hair, jewellery or even just dirt build up.

If you want to take on the task and try to fix it yourself, you can try to use a plunger or long wire hook to pull the object out. Additionally, you can use either mix liquid dish detergent or salt with hot water to help remove sediment buildup.  

Alternatively, the issue may be a problem with the drain vents. If the gurgling noise is coming from multiple sources, then this is most likely the problem. A plumber will be able to determine, examine and resolve the problem so you don’t have to hear these haunted noises anymore!

6. Rattling and shaking noise.

If you’re hearing eerie rattling noises, then don’t call a spiritual medium (or other name for people that come and burn sage in your house) because a plumber may be the Ghostbuster you need. 

Pipes run throughout houses and can become detached from walls, potentially due to problems with the mounting straps, leaving the pipe rattling against the wall or other nearby parts when water is flowing through it. You may be able to locate what section of the house the dislocated pipe is, but it’s likely you will not have access to it. So, it’s recommended to summon a professional to locate and fix the straps to reattach the pipe to stop this harrowing noise.

7. Rumbling noise.

If the ominous noise is coming from your water heater, then this is likely a result of built up sediment on the base of the water heater. This built up sediment is a sign your water heater is not operating efficiently and can raise your water bills. 

The rumbling noise is a result of water that is stuck boiling in the sediment. This is a more common issue with older water heaters, as many new versions have methods to prevent sediment build up. To fix a haunted house noise like this, some of the water needs to be removed from the bottom of the tank with a drain hose. This can be dangerous as the water is boiling, so it’s best to get a professional to handle this risky business.

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