#1   Australian Native Flowers Are Unique Like Unicorns

Australian native flowers are unique like unicorns
Evoking the Outback, Australian flora is as surprisingly unique as Australian fauna. Asymmetrical shapes. Unusual textures. What usually springs to mind when someone mentions the word “flower” is a daisy-like conformation – symmetrically arranged petals around a golden centrepiece. Australian native flowers, however, look like they’ve just come down in the last shower… meteor shower, that is.

#2   Australian Native Flowers Are Stayers

Grevillea Coconut Ice
Grevillea “Coconut Ice”.

Place cut Australian native flowers in a vase. Do nothing. Weeks later they’re still going strong. You’ll be waiting some time before they look weary. They are stayers. In the same space in time, roses, for example, would have wilted and turned brown to show their use-by date.

#3   Australian Native Flowers Are Architectural Wonders

Australian Native Flower arrangement
Australian natives have the architectural character to bring out your inner flower arranger

Flower arranging is easy enough if you’re a skilled operator with artistic flair. Refreshingly though, arranging Australian native flowers is much closer to a free for all. It’s not that arranging cut native flowers is without challenges; it’s more a case that the average Australian native flower makes a powerful architectural statement on its own.

#4   Australian Native Flowers Are Survivors

Banksias can survive Australian bushfires
Bushfire? No problem for the Banksia. It releases seeds in response.

Australia’s native flora is built tough. This ancient land is no place for will-o’-the-wisp blossoms. The textures of native plants are often woody, leathery, felty, sometimes other-worldly. They have evolved to survive the heat, long periods without rain, and insects, animals and bird life that are equally desperate to survive. For example, the Banksia is legendary for its ability to regenerate after bushfires.

#5   Australian Native Flowers Are Distinguished

Beautiful Grevillea bottlebrush-type flower
The beautiful bottlebrush-type flower of a Grevillea

Versatile… Some flowers are linked to specific messages. For example, a long-stemmed rose has no equivalent in the language of romance. However, there’s an Australian native flower for just about every other occasion. They look great on display in a foyer. They look expensive and their stature alone speaks of significance. They make superb presentations to thank and congratulate. They convey dignity at funerals and constancy at weddings.

Australian Native Flowers Favoured At Florists

Most florists carry cut flower versions of Australian natives. Due to their hardy nature, finding them in good condition should not be a problem and you should be able to enjoy them for weeks.
Finding a florist nearby who stocks Australian natives is easy with LocalSearch.

Grow Your Own Australian Native Flowers

Raising your own stock means you can cut flowers whenever you wish. Nurseries carry established young plants. Talk to the knowledgeable nursery staff. They’ll tell you about how much sun and water is needed by your favourite Australian native flower.
Find a nursery or garden centre near you using LocalSearch.

Australian pop-up florist
An Australian pop-up florist, photographed by Michael Coghlan

In the Armidale area, for example, you could make enquiries at the following businesses, the first a florist, the second a nursery/garden centre…


Florista has been providing Armidale with affordable, fresh flowers since 1990. Along with a wide variety of quality flowers and arrangements, Florista also offers:

  • Gourmet hampers
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  • Silk flowers

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Cedar Nursery & Design

Cedar Nursery & Design
Cedar Nursery & Design’s expertise on show

At Cedar Nursery & Design, you’ll have access to qualified horticulturist advice and more than 30 years’ combined industry experience, backed by a wholesale nursery, 7km from Armidale’s CBD. Cedar Nursery & Design offers the convenience of:

  • Open 7 days
  • Free garden design service by appointment
  • Comprehensive range of plants includes fruit, deciduous, hedges

You can even order plants online, pick them up a day or so later or have them delivered within the Armidale town area. Find out more on Cedar Nursery & Design’s profile page at LocalSearch.

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