Things You Didn’t Know You Could Hire at a Hire Shop

In Australia you can hire so much more than trade materials! Did you know you can hire these 9 things in Australia through your local hire store?

The world has come a long way from simply being able to hire trailers and cars; now there are so many things you can hire we guarantee you didn’t even know about. Hiring equipment is often the simple and cost effective solution if you’re looking to do home renovations, or even host a party. With everything from marquees, cement mixers and portable skips up for grabs, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money by hiring from your local hire shop.

We’ve put together a list of nine things you didn’t know you could hire in Australia. From designer dresses and accessories to golf buggies — there really isn’t anything you can’t hire in Australia.

Photo by Clem 9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Hire in Australia

1. Playstations and gaming equipment.

Playstations and gaming equipment are two little known items you can hire. Whether you’re hosting a gaming night, party or simply are waiting on your console to be repaired, you can hire a console for the time you require. 

Consoles aren’t the only gaming equipment up for grabs at your local hire store. You can also rent out projectors, headsets and games, making for the ultimate gaming experience. 

Have you ever considered hiring an arcade game? Now, we aren’t talking about the small handheld games. We’re talking a full-size pinball machine, Mario Kart and almost every other game you can find at your local arcade.

2. Golf buggies.

Did you know you can hire golf buggies, even if you aren’t on a golf course? Golf buggies can be incredibly useful, especially if you’re hosting an event. They can provide a quick and easy solution for transporting guests from one place to another, or alternatively they can be used to transport equipment to and from each location.

Do you need a licence to drive a golf buggy?’

Yes, in Australia you require a class C driving licence to operate a golf buggy. Golf buggies should also be registered, especially if you plan to drive it on public roads.

3. Designer dresses. 

Designer dress hires have become a popular choice for many Australians. Renting garments provides a cost friendly solution for many. In fact, you can rent out outfits for less than $100 per night. 

Outfit rentals aren’t exclusive to dresses. You can also hire suits, costumes and accessories — including high-end jewellery. Just be warned though, when renting high-value jewellery you’ll likely have to pay a high refundable deposit for insurance reasons.

4. Cement mixers. 

Cement mixers are easier to hire than you may think. Most of your local hire stores will have plenty of cement mixers on hand for you to rent for a fee as small as $50 a day. If you’re recemeting your driveway, adding an extension to your home or putting up a brick fence hiring a cement mixer may be a cheaper option.

5. Dust collecting fan.

Dust collecting fans can be a life-changing addition to your home reno. They not only make the area safer, they can also save you a lot of cleaning up. Dust collecting fans are most commonly used during demolition, sanding or stone cutting — anything that makes a dusty mess.  

This equipment is likely a lot cheaper than you may think. You can hire dust collectors for as little as $50 a day.

6. Mobile skips.

Mobile skip bins can be extremely useful, especially if you’re doing a home renovation — or an overly large spring clean. Mobile skips aren’t like your traditional skips. They’re on wheels and are towable, making them easy to transport between locations. 

If you have lots to dispose of, skip bins may be the cheapest option. As long as you can tow it, you can refill and empty this skip as often as you’d like during the hire period. You can rent one for as little as $250 a day. 

Just ensure you follow the guidelines and only fill the skip to a certain level and do not place any hazardous materials in it, including batteries. If you have batteries to dispose of, please take them to your local dump or battery store.

7. Paparazzi.

Ever dreamed of being a celebrity? Well here’s your chance to live like one for a day. In Australia, you can in fact rent your own paparazzi to pap you for a day. We can’t promise you’ll make the Daily Mail though… 

8. Camping gear. 

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at camping, but not quite sure if it’s for you? Or are you a camping enthusiast but simply don’t have the room to store camping gear? Did you know you can easily hire camping equipment in Australia?

From tents to caravans, you can literally hire every type of camping equipment necessary for the perfect camping getaway. The best part is, if you’re new to camping, hire stores can ensure you have all the essentials you need so you don’t get stuck in a tough situation.

9. Electronic traffic communication boards. 

We’ve all seen the large light-up signs on the side of the road for roadworks, but did you know you can hire one for your own event? You can communicate messages with large groups with ease using one of these boards. Just ensure you set it up on private property, unless you have permission to do so otherwise.

Get in contact with your local hire shop to find out what you can hire in your local area.

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