Top Plumbing Trends for 2021 Every Aussie Needs to Know

Every Aussie is going to want to know these top plumbing trends for 2021. They’re going to help you potentially save money long-term, as well as modernise your home.

2020 was a turbulent year for businesses, but it also meant those who were invested in their future had to pivot. This has created some amazing top plumbing trends for 2021 every Aussie needs to know — and can take advantage of themselves. 

These trends range from how you can now get faster plumbing quotes, save money from on-going water usage and more sanitary plumbing accessories. We’ve also added in a list of the different plumbers in Australia so you know which type of plumber to call to learn more about these Australian plumbing trends.

6 Plumbing Trends Every Aussie Needs to Know in 2021

1. Receive plumbing quotes online.

Plumbers were the seventh most searched for industry on in the last year. So, if you’re like most Australians, when you need a plumber, you’re heading online.

However, smart plumbing businesses and online directories are now providing quotes online, making it even easier for you to get the services you need. You can also find online reviews and other information on their profiles.

Top 3 places to find plumbers online:

1. is your one-stop shop for finding plumbers, reading reviews and requesting quotes. If you download the Localsearch app, you can even create a user profile and save the details of your favourite businesses, manage your own reviews and more.

2. Local Google results.
When you search for location-specific services, like Google, you’ll see an outlined block of businesses, or even one specific business. This is known as the local pack, which pulls relevant, location-based businesses from what is known as Google My Business (GMB) listings for these businesses. Depending on how their GMB was set up, you may be able to request a quote or message the business directly through Google.

3. Social media.
Social media, like Facebook and Instagram, may seem like a weird place to find a plumber, but it’s a great place to learn more about the business — including any current offers. While price, discounts or offers shouldn’t be the deciding factor for choosing a plumber, it can help you if you’re stuck between deciding between a couple.

2. Investigate commercial water-wise government funding.

Australia has experienced rainfall deficiencies since January 2017. Households are becoming more environmentally aware than ever before, and consumers are starting to understand the real impact of reducing their carbon footprint and conserving water.

While being one of the driest continents on earth, Australians also consume the greatest amount of water per consumer, averaging at 100,000L of freshwater per person every year. But businesses are also becoming more water-wise, with the Australian Government introducing a range of grant programs to assist companies with funding energy efficiency projects. 

Many of the water-consumption programs are region based, like that of the Murray-Darling Basin, but it may be worth speaking to your local council or plumber to see what you can find in your area.

3. Switch to solar-heating for more savings.

As homeowners start taking more of an interest in environmentally friendly alternatives for heating, there is an increase in demand for solar-powered water heaters. Heating accounts for 25% of the average Australian home’s energy usage, so it’s no wonder we’re all looking to greener options.

Solar hot water heaters not only save you money, but they help the environment too. A plumber can help handle the installation and guide you in other ways of conserving water in your home or business.

4. Install smart pipes to detect your own leaks!

The advancements in technology and artificial intelligence makes smart pipes one of the top plumbing trends of 2021. Smart pipes, or self-diagnosing pipes, are a new technological advancement you’ll likely see more of in coming years.

A smart pipe is able to self-diagnose leaks and alert the household before a small leak becomes a major, expensive problem. How smart pipes work depends on the provider, but it’s typically connected to an app or database, which reports on the health of your pipes and water usage. This technology is not something many plumbers have started to use, so you may need to shop around if you want a complete smart home.

5. Enquire about trenchless technology for pipework.

Technology isn’t just good for saving you money on water usage — it will help plumbers work more efficiently, saving you money too. The traditional way to install, maintain or repair pipeline is to dig up the property. New trenchless technology means only small openings are needed at both ends of the pipe.

Ensuring your plumber uses trenchless technology will save you a bucket load on labouring costs. Plus, it will save your gardens being completely destroyed.

6. Utilise touchless plumbing features.

Another top plumbing trend of 2021 starting to hit new home builds and renovations is the development of touchless plumbing fixtures. Touchless bathroom, laundry and kitchen fixtures generally use motion sensor technology previously only seen in commercial buildings.

However, touchless plumbing is now a hot trend for around the home, including motion-sensor taps, toilets and more. The great thing with these touchless plumbing fixtures is compared to older standards, there is less maintenance required, with not much of a price difference.

Types of Plumbers in Australia in 2021

Want to know more about any of the above top plumbing trends of 2021? Find out which type of plumber you need, and then find them on!

1. Residential plumber.

A residential plumber is who you can call for all your household plumbing needs. This includes anything to do with leaks, pipes, toilets, taps, water heaters and more. Some residential plumbers may be licensed in other areas, including commercial plumbing and/or gasfitting, but you’ll need to confirm with them prior to booking a job.

2. Service and repair plumber.

Service and repair plumbers are skilled in diagnosing and working on more troublesome plumbing jobs. Some residential plumbers may not be as equipped as those identifying as a service and repair plumber, due to the specialised equipment sometimes needed.

3. Commercial plumber.

Commercial plumbers are trained and licensed to work on commercial jobs, including large-scale jobs, like at universities and hospitals. They are experienced in working on plumbing across large spaces or multiple floors, like the aforementioned locations.

4. Specialist plumber.

There are four main types of specialist plumber:

You can find your local plumber on!

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