The Best Kitchen Renovation Trends 🛠 (Updated May 2020)

Do you need some inspiration for your next kitchen renovations? Take a look at our latest blog.

If your kitchen is starting to look tired, it may be time for a kitchen renovation. We’ve taken a look at some of the latest kitchen design trends of 2020, to help inspire you to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen renovations costs can quickly blow the budget, so we’ve put together a list of simple kitchen upgrades you can make to give the existing kitchen a whole new look, at half the price. 

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Top 6 Kitchen Renovation Trends of 2020

1. Marble.

Marble is back in 2020! Marble, once considered a sign of great wealth, has once again become a top trend in kitchens renovations. The material is versatile and lasts a lifetime, making in the perfect choice for those looking to invest in their kitchen design for years to come. 

Often paired with minimalistic cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, marble is a great choice for those wishing to create an on-trend kitchen, which is also timeless. Marble can be used in more traditional forms such as bench tops, or even as flooring marble looks great! But, if you’re after something unique, opt for a marble splashback. If you’re looking to add some personality to your marble kitchen, try switching out your fixtures for a copper or rose gold look.

2. Sleek simplicity.

Keeping with the less-is-more trend, which dominated interior designing for the most-part of 2019, sleek simplicity takes the minimalist approach and adds a pop of personality to your kitchen. This kitchen design often encompasses push-to-open, soft-closing, laminate cabinetry, block colourings often contrasted with bold splashbacks. 

The sleep simplicity trend works beautifully with darker hues and wood-look cabinetry. When flooring a kitchen design such as this, go for simple, light-coloured, wooden flooring or polished concrete. If you’re after tile, aim for large block coloured ones. Using these materials and colouring will contrast well with simplistic cabinetry.

3. Bold splashback.

Bold splashbacks are the most on-trend kitchen renovation trend of 2020. They allow homeowners to put their own twist on their kitchen at a relatively minor cost. Marble and marble-look splashbacks are the go-to for those with a darker kitchen hue. To make your marble or statement splashback pop even more, pair it with a navy or deeper-hued cabinetry with copper fittings.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your new splashback, try a tiled splashback patterned with vibrant colours. 2020 has seem colour trends, which are heavily influenced by the idea of ‘wellness,’ calm and relaxation. Popular paint brand Dulux has backed this trend, predicting that subtle green, blues and earthly tones, including clays, will dominate the industry this year.

4. Statement fixtures.

Statement fixtures are not a new trend within the kitchen design industry, however there is no sign of them losing popularity either. 

For a bolder look, consider a statement fixture using what you already have, like exposed plumbing. Exposed plumbing is when piping, usually hidden internally behind your walls, is placed on the outside of the wall, creating a feature. When home-owners add exposed plumbing to their homes, they often opt for a cooper or rose gold pipe, contrasted with a dark wall colour.  

As this is a trickier kitchen renovation trend, you’ll want to get in touch with your local plumbing specialist to discuss.

5. Statement floors.

Statement flooring is a growing trend in Australian kitchens. To create this trend, you’ll want to choose a statement design for your flooring, or add a strip of contrasting colour or style to stand out from the rest. This trend works best with a simple kitchen design, with a limited colour palette. 

If you’re feeling bold, try matching your flooring to your splashback.

6. Dark colours.

Dark colours are making a comeback in 2020. If you’ve never worked with dark colours before, try integrating them gradually, like with your kitchen appliances. If you’re brave and ready for a bold change, try integrating navy-painted timber cabinetry.

Try adding a touch of nature to your dark hues with a herb garden and hanging plants to brighten up the room. Painting walls and cabinets a dark colour is also a great way to help a statement feature, like those above, really pop.

7. Island bench with an attached dining table.  

Many Australians now live in smaller homes or apartments than their parents, creating a growing consciousness to be smart with their space. A popular way to give a small space multiple uses it to combine an island bench with a dining table. However, this is not a simple DIY kitchen renovation trend.

This trend is a simple addition to your kitchen layout, attaching a lower set dining table, typically to the side or front, of an island bench, eliminating the need for a dining room within the home. Traditionally, the dining table will be made from a wooden material, contrasting beautifully with a stone benchtop.

3 Budget Kitchen Renovation Tips

1. Retile.

Retiling is a great way to bring life back to a tired design without doing a complete kitchen renovation. Tile trends are seeing a move toward natural tones, with feature tiles. However you’re looking for a more modern look, opt for wooden flooring. Both of these options are cost effective, low maintenance and easy to clean.

2. New cabinets.

New kitchen cabinets can really transform your kitchen! Take inspiration from our aforementioned kitchen trends of 2020 and try something new, such as darker hues, wood-look cabinets and soft-closing designs.  If you’re up for a little DIY project, there are many ways you can transform your old kitchen cabinets using paints and even wallpaper.

3. Switch up the fixtures. 

Fixtures are a super easy upgrade almost anyone can do. Take a trip to your local kitchen and bathroom store where you’ll find a variety of fixtures to suit any kitchen. If you really want to spruce up the space, be bold and try copper or gold fixtures. Whichever you choose, just ensure they match throughout the kitchen. 

Another option is to replace the handles on your kitchen cabinets. This is even simpler than changing the fixtures, often only requiring a screwdriver. Similarly to the fixtures mentioned above, if you’re looking to change the style of your kitchen opt for a brass or copper handle. Tip: Bring your old handles with you to the shop to make comparing sizes easier.

Get in contact with your local kitchen designers to start planning your dream kitchen today. 

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