What does a gas fitter do in Australia?

Do you know when to call a gas fitter instead of a plumber? Apparently it’s a common mistake, but we’re here to help! Discover what a gas fitter does, how much they cost and even how to become one!

But what does a gas fitter do in Australia? Can I call a plumber for gas fitting? How much does a gas fitter earn? How much will a gas fitter charge? All good questions and ones we are going to answer! 

Sometimes home services, like plumbing and gas fitting seem to crossover — and sometimes they do! However, due to the possible dangers that come with working with water, gas and electricity, there are laws and regulations around who can do what, when and how. When in doubt, you local service providers are always happy to guide you.

For now, we talk about everything gas pipes, appliance installation, emergency services and more with our guide to gas fitting in Australia. Remember, we are not gas fitters ourselves, so this information is for general purposes only. Please consult the professionals for specific advice, and we’re not liable for any misuse or misinterpretation of any information above or below.

What does a gas fitter do in Australia?

A gas fitter (gasfitter/gas-fitter) is trained and licensed to install, maintain and repair gas appliances, as well as LPG gas bottles. There are different levels of licenses to work with different classifications of appliances (Type A and Type B), however, for the average person, you’ll only need a Type A licensed gas fitter. Type B gas appliances are generally only found in industrial settings.

The cost of hiring a gas fitter depends on the job and your location, however, you’re looking at a starting price of $70 to $90 per hour. This may not include call-out fees, equipment costs, etc.

A licensed gas fitter can help you with:

  • Gas water heaters.
  • Appliance installation, repairs and maintenance.
  • Electric/gas conversions.
  • Gas flue pipes.
  • Gas leaks.
  • Gas meters.
  • Gas pressure adjustments.
  • Boat/caravan gas appliances.

And more.

Why use a licensed gas fitter?

1. Unlicensed gasworks are illegal in all states of Australia.

State laws throughout Australia all require a licensed gas fitter carry out any and all gaswork. This includes both natural and LPG gas. Unlicensed gas fitting can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Each state regulatory authority issues a licensed gas fitter with a gas fitting number, which should be available on their website. If you cannot find their gas fitting number for your date, ask for this before hiring.

2. Poor gas fitting can increase costs.

Other than being illegal in Australia, unlicensed gas fitting can increase your costs. Like most things in life, poor work on gas appliances will mean you will need to hire a licensed gas fitter in the future — so, you may as well have called them in the first place.

3. The safety of you and your household, and others.

Unlicensed gas fitting means unregulated gas fitting. If something were to go wrong, you likely won’t be covered by your insurance or in the eyes of the regulatory boards. Of course, there is also the risk to your own health and safety, those in your house and even your neighbours.

What’s the difference between a gas fitter and a plumber?

There are tradespeople who are both a gas fitter and a plumber, and some or are either or. A plumber is licensed to carry out works relating to water and wastewater, while a gas fitter carried out that for gas-related appliances and supply.

Both need to be licensed to carry out work on your property, so ensure they have the relevant certifications and numbers for your state.

How to Become a Gas Fitter

Depending on experience, the average gas fitter in Australia earns around $85,000 to $95,000 annually. This fluctuates by state, and, as mentioned, by experience. 

To become a gas fitter in Australia, you will need to complete an apprenticeship and gain a Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations. You will then need to register with your state’s regulatory authority, maybe requiring further licenses for specific work. Before you enter any job site in Australia, you will also need a White Card. 

Gas fitting training and licensing is common for plumbers to attain. 

When in doubt about who to call, find your local plumber or gas fitter on localsearch.com.au.

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