Tips For Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Areas

August 28, 2015 - 3 min read

There are some fantastic options to make use of a tired and forgotten backyard. Whether you entertain your friends and family on a regular basis or want to enjoy your outdoor surroundings more often, utilising the unused space in your backyard can be more than just adding value to your home.

If your indoor kitchen and dining area is small and you just love to cook, extending your kitchen to the backyard will give you more room to create delicious food. We have researched a variety of arrangements so you can discover more options for your outdoor entertaining area. Read on to see how to see the latest options for an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Tables & Chairs: before choosing an outdoor dining set, consider how many people will regularly be using it, how much room you have and if the area it will be placed is undercover.

Types of Tables & Chairs:

  • Wooden tables and chairs should be kept out of direct sunlight and must be regularly waxed and polished to keep them in tip-top shape
  • Wicker tables and chairs are susceptible to mould and discoloration, so you need to make sure they are kept in a low-humidity area out of the elements
  • Glass tables are quite strong when it comes to weather conditions, however keeping it in the shade and ensuring nothing falls on the table during bad weather is important to lengthen the table’s life
  • Plastic tables and chairs are very easy to care for but will need regular cleaning to keep them hygienic and mould free. Some discoloration may happen if left out in the sun for prolonged amounts of time.

Other Seating & Table Options

If you are after a relaxed outdoor dining area, using outdoor couches and coffee tables or bar stools and tables is an alternate option to formal dining tables and chairs.

Outdoor Cooking Options

A built-in kitchen adds value to your home, however you may be after cooking options you can take with you if you ever move house.

Types of Outdoor Cooking Stations:

  • Wood fire ovens are the perfect way to add a Mediterranean or rustic feel to your outdoor entertaining area, plus they cook pizza and bread with an authentic taste
  • Barbecues are a portable outdoor cooking option which can be easily maintained and can be built into cabinets for a more polished look
  • Smoking ovens are great for cooking for large groups of people without spending hours slaving over a stove or grill
  • Fire pits surrounded by comfortable seating is perfect for relaxed dining year-round.

Benches & Bars

You have your seating and your cooking station, but how are you going to prepare and serve the food and drinks? Adding extra benches to your built-in cooking section, collapsible tables or even a corner bar will make your outdoor entertaining feel like your very own restaurant.

Bench & Bar Options:

  • Built-in benches may add value to your home, plus give you plenty of room to cook until your heart’s content
  • Wheeled benches will allow you to move the table to other areas where it is needed or put in storage when not in use
  • Collapsible bench space can easily be connected to a stable wall and unfolded when needed
  • Corner bars add a touch of sophistication and personalise your outdoor space, plus the bar top can be used as an extra table if needed.

Other things to consider:

  • An outdoor heater allows you to use the entertainment area even in the chilly months
  • Portable umbrellas are a must for the summer
  • Make sure you have cabinets or storage to keep utensils, cleaning supplies and some barbecue staples
  • Check with your local council for any outdoor space guidelines or regulations in your area
  • Consider netting or mosquito coils to keep unwanted pests away from you and your guests

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