The best kitchen renovation trends

July 14, 2015 - 2 min read

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and need some inspiration, we’ve got just the thing! These ideas are great for turning your traditional kitchen into a functional cooking haven.

From space-saving hacks through to social designs, these tips will leave your favourite room in the house looking good and making the most of its space. We’ve even found some kitchen renovation specialists near you to get your project off to a great start!

Pull-out chopping boards


One great idea for replacing your traditional chopping boards is to incorporate them into your drawers. Simply turn your top drawer into a chopping board by using treated wood cut to the right size. Want to take this one step further? Cut a small hole in the chopping board, and place a bin in the drawer directly underneath—this saves you from storing your cutting boards, and can catch all of those annoying scraps you normally spend ages cleaning up!

Roll-out island


An island bench is a great idea—if your kitchen is large enough. For smaller kitchens, try a roll-out island bench instead! This way it can be easily moved around the kitchen, and stored underneath existing cupboards and shelves when not in use. Extra bench space, without taking up the whole room!

Eat-in kitchens


Rather than dedicating a whole room to dining, why not turn your kitchen into a handy eat-in kitchen? By extending your regular island bench and adding some chairs, you can entertain while still cooking up a storm.

Hidden drawers


Drawers can solve a variety of issues—whether you’re not sure how to make use of that annoying corner cupboard, you want a better option for storing your pantry items or you need somewhere to keep those pesky baking pans, drawers can offer the solution! Adding corner drawers can make that corner cupboard (with it’s unreachable dark corners) much more functional. Another idea is to turn your kickboards into hidden drawers—this is a great option for keeping all of those items that take up space, but aren’t used very often!