5 Quick and Easy Kitchen Upgrades

September 25, 2015 - 1 min read

Kitchen renovations tend to be the most costly of home renovation jobs. Not only this, but revamping your kitchen could also see you living off takeaway food, paper plates and bottled water until the job is done. If you want to refresh your kitchen, but don’t want to part with it for too long, consider these small renovations. You don’t need to transform your entire kitchen to enjoy a fresh-looking cooking space!

1. Replace your lights


Adding a touch of creative lighting to your kitchen can really brighten the place up. Whether you want to install an elegant pendant light, or some more functional downlights, new lights instantly update your kitchen and are relatively quick and easy to install.

2. Give your kitchen a new splash of colour


Whether this means repainting the walls or adding a patterned splashback, adding a dash of colour is a great way to breathe life into your kitchen space. Depending on how you want to add new colour, the job can range in price and time, but will be worth it!

3. Open up your shelves

ON&ON_shelving_system_no_wall_panels (1)

Open plan shelving is growing in popularity, due to its functionality and style. By incorporating open shelves into your kitchen, you’ll let air move through the space, and won’t have trouble trying to find things ever again when it’s right in front of your eyes!

4. Add a chalkboard wall


Chalkboard paint is now a thing. By putting it on a section of your kitchen walls, you’ll create a place to write whatever you please, without having to cover your fridge with unattractive notes and lists.

5. Update your cabinets

With the amount of choice in the market these days, changing the doors on your cabinets and drawers can be a very fun task! Whether you want some wooden cabinet doors to add a traditional touch or go super chic to modernize the space, transforming your cabinets is a quick solution for improving the kitchen.

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