Easy kitchen cabinet facelifts

July 20, 2015 - 1 min read

Has your kitchen become a bit outdated? Just because the paint’s become flaky or the edges have browned a little, doesn’t mean you need to spend big on brand new cabinetry.

Even just changing the colour of your cabinets can bring your kitchen from tired ‘70s straight to contemporary 2015. If they’re in good enough condition, you can even use your current cabinets! From quick paint jobs to updating handles, it’s not hard to glam up the style of your interiors. If you want to save money while updating your kitchen cabinetry, check out these cabinet facelifts that take no time at all!

Love the style but hate the colour? Paint will fix that up!

Painting your kitchen cabinets will save you lots of money—all you really need is a tin of paint, sandpaper, cleaner and a free weekend. Proper preparation is key to achieving beautiful results, so be sure to sandpaper first and apply good bonding primer prior to applying your paint. Remember—lighter colours will make your kitchen appear bigger!

Switch up the handles for a cheap and easy style conversion.

If you’re tired of those old and ugly wooden handles on your cabinets, why not switch it up with some beautiful new hardware? There is a huge range of handles to choose from, so there is surely something to suit your needs and budget! All you’ll need is a screwdriver and some spare time.

Crown moulding goes a long way!

Do you love the old American home style? Bring in that old-fashioned charm with a few strips of crown moulding above your cabinetry. If you’re repainting your cabinets, this is a great time to add crown moulding as you can make sure all the colours match well. If you’re ordering matching wood moulding, just keep in mind that natural wood cabinets will darken with age.