7 ways to utilise your kitchen island

August 4, 2015 - 2 min read

The old kid on the new block; kitchen islands are still going strong. Whether you’re hoping to transform your hub with a new renovation, or would just like to make your space more functional with a few adjustments, there’s no denying kitchen islands are a great investment.

We’ve found some fantastic ways to adapt your island so it perfectly suits your needs. From slide-out chopping boards and cookbook shelves, to wine racks and breakfast bars, you’re bound to find an idea that suits your household!

Breakfast bar

Modern breakfast bar - stock image
Modern breakfast bar – stock image

One of the most popular ways to utilise your island space is by doubling it up as a breakfast bar. By investing in a few bar stools, you can create an informal dining area—perfect for quick brekkies and catch-up coffees.

Slide-out chopping boards

Chop away - stock image
Chop away – stock image

Like to keep everything within arm’s reach? How about installing a couple of slide-out chopping boards? By incorporating this design into the top of your island drawers, it makes chopping veggies and tidying up quick and easy—not to mention gives you instant counter space.

Cookbook shelf

Cookbook shelf - stock image
Cookbook shelf – stock image

Never know where to put that collection of cookbooks? A great way to utilise your island space is by incorporating a bookshelf. Here they’ll be tidiest away and close at hand for when you need them.

Wheel-around island

Wheel-around island - stock image
Wheel-around island – stock image

This contemporary design is perfect for households who like to make full use of their living space. By having your island on wheels, you’re able to push it to the side when it’s not in use, pulling it in when you need it.

Wine rack

Pick your favourites - stock image
Pick your favourites – stock image

If your standard wine rack just doesn’t cut it, how about incorporating it into your island? There are so many ways you can feature this design—however, we love the simple and effective hook design that’s pictured above!

Central sink

Central sinks - stock image
Central sinks – stock image

By installing your sink into the middle of your island surface, you’ll instantly create a new dimension.This will allow you to have more surface space around the room, making your kitchen look larger and less cluttered.

Hanging rack

Modern hanging rack - stock image
Modern hanging rack – stock image

Not enough room for all of those pots and pans? Consider installing a floating hanging rack above your island! This idea is not only practical, but will also give the room instant character.

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