Spring Cleaning Checklist for Any Time of Year

Few things feel better than a clean house and freshly washed sheets, but it can be a lot of work to maintain your home and yard. We’ve compiled some handy tips to keep your space looking and feeling fresh all year round – spring cleaning has come early!

Spring cleaning is one of those annual traditions that feels like a rite of passage. As the weather warms up, we feel a greater urgency to tidy up various parts of our apartments and homes.

Flowers bloom, the bees start emerging and the days get longer in the spring. But it also means more bugs inside and outside the residence. Tidying up can help counter those little pests, allowing you to enjoy the warmer weather without fear!

Whether it is springtime or any season during the year, our spring cleaning checklist is a great way to keep up with the routine maintenance that will help your home look its best. You could tackle all your rooms in a few days or divvy up the work, so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Feel free to share our spring cleaning checklist with friends and family. Here is a short guide that will help you clean the different rooms in your residence with ease:

Clean kitchen counter

Kitchen Cleaning

Treat spring cleaning as a chance to get rid of any items that no longer belong in your kitchen. If there is an appliance you did not use in the past year, sell or donate it. Disinfect your trash can, clean your oven and toaster, wipe down your counters, mop the floor, clean and organise your refrigerator/freezer and tidy up your cabinets.

Mop cleaning timber floor

Bathroom Maintenance

If your bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, our spring cleaning checklist will it look its best. Start by cleaning the air vent and exhaust, disinfect any lights or fixtures, clean out all containers and product bottles, clean the mirror, wipe down the countertop and sink, disinfect the toilet, tub and shower handles and clean any windows.

woman putting fresh sheets on bed


Start by making three piles of any items that are immediately visible, such as accessories you keep on your tables. The first pile is items to remain, the second pile is items to put in drawers, and the third pile indicates items you no longer need.

Wipe down everything and put items in the appropriate places. Organise your drawers, closets and any other storage spots. Wash your bedding, rotate your mattress and clean any chairs and tabletops. Vacuum the floor and perform necessary spot cleaning on carpets.

tidy living room with grey lounge

Living Spaces

Any living space, such as the dining room, entertainment room, guest rooms and lounge, will require spring cleaning. Dust all surfaces, adjust decoration pieces for the new season, clean sofas, chairs and tables and electronics. Vacuum everything to ensure there are no dust spots in the corners.

Woman holding folded blankets

General Interior and Exterior Maintenance

Part of the spring cleaning checklist will involve general maintenance of your home. Look around your front and back yard to assess any problem spots. You may need to blow away leaves, cut your grass, remove weeds and get rid of cobwebs.

Be sure to tidy up window sills, ceilings, cornices, gutters and your roof. Not every area requires frequent maintenance, but once-a-year checks are a must.

By following our spring cleaning checklist, you will have a sparkling and sanitised home to enjoy for the next few months!

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