How To Clean Curtains

Weekly Cleaning

Woman dusting blindsWoman vac Curtans
Performing a general clean of your curtains on a weekly basis will help reduce the growth of mould and reduce the amount of ‘deep’ cleaning they need. There are several ways you can do a general clean of your curtains, including:


A quick dust of your curtains will help remove any dust build up on the material. Be sure to dust both front and back of the curtains and tidy any residue on the ground.


Vacuuming is a great way to quickly perform a more thorough clean than dusting. Starting at the top of the curtains, gently work your way down the material until you reach the bottom. Repeat on both sides of the curtains.

Damp Cloth

Once you have either dusted or vacuumed your curtains, run a damp cloth over the fabric to remove any marks. If they are coloured curtains, don’t use a damp cloth all over, but spot clean any large marks.

Deep Cleaning

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Deep clean your curtains at least once every 1-3 months to prevent a build up of dirt and grime. If you have a steam cleaner, you can use the machine to clean your curtains. Check out how to clean curtains in the washing machine:

  1. As you would with clothes, only wash similar fabrics and colours of curtains together. If they have rubber or synthetic backing, don’t put them in the washing machine, as the material can melt— take them to a dry cleaner.
  2. Place curtains in a washing machine with a cup of wool wash and set the cycle to a gentle tumble dry, on low or no heat.
  3. Once the cycle has finished, pop the curtains on the washing line to dry. To prevent wrinkles when drying, put the curtains in the dryer for 20 minutes before hanging them on the washing line. Presto—no need for ironing!

How To Clean Non-Fabric Blinds

Weekly Clean

Girl Cleaning Blinds
A quick dust once a week will help prevent dust settling on your blinds. You will need to do a deep clean on a regular basis to ensure they stay clean.

Deep Clean

Man cleaning blinds
Clean your blinds at least once a month to prevent the growth of mould and to remove any marks, which could stain the material. If you do miss a month, soak your blinds in a bathtub filled with warm water, a cup of vinegar and a squirt of dishwashing detergent. For a monthly clean, try this:

  1. In a bucket, squeeze a few drops of dishwashing detergent and fill with warm water.
  2. Open the blinds so the slats are flat.
  3. Using a microfiber cloth dipped in the cleaning solution, run the cloth over each slat. Ensure you get both sides and focus on any fixtures.
  4. Leave the blinds open until dry.

Tip: If your blinds show any sign of mould that can’t be removed, replace your blinds ASAP. Mould may potentially lead to health problems, so it’s best to get it sorted at the first site of any spotting or mould patches.

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