17 Things to do in School Holidays

June 20, 2019 - 4 min read

School holidays can be the most exciting time of the year for your kids, but may seem scary if you don’t have any activities planned to keep the kids happy, healthy and occupied! Travelling, movies and other activities can become expensive. We’ve come up with 17 fun ideas for not just the kids, but the whole family to take part in and make the most of the school holidays. these won’t break the bank, and will keep your kids entertained for hours!

With your kids spending the bulk of the year busy with school work, friends, clubs and homework, it can feel like a completely different atmosphere during the summer holidays. It is a time when your kids have nothing to do unless they find a new activity to engage their time.

If you are concerned about things to do in summer holidays, check out our list of possible engagements we compiled. It includes fun chores, learning activities and educational endeavours that would not only keep your kids busy but also help them grow.

#1. Making Your Own Slime

Making your own slime can be an enjoyable activity for kids in primary school. Making slime is an easy process that only requires glue, borax, food colouring, water and a couple of bowls. It takes very little time, and your kids could do it on their own!

#2. Create Your Own Pizza Shop

Using pre-made bases, wraps or tortillas, your kids only need to add a few toppings and pop the pizza in an oven! It is a delicious snack they could enjoy making and eating.

#3. Enroll Your Kids in Code Camp

Want your computer-obsessed kid to learn a useful skill? Enroll them in a “code camp” over the summer or winter holidays. There are hundreds of locations, and much of the work can be done from home.

Kids jumping and playing with ball

#4. Film Toy Tours

Using a phone camera, your kid could film “tours” of their toy collection. They can watch the video years later or share it with their friends.

#5. Dance-Offs

A fun competition to see who does the best dancing, it occupies time and is a great way for kids to exercise.

#6. Self-Portraits

Using butcher’s paper, kids can outline each other and then draw a self-portrait, exercising their artistic talent!

Child drawing on paper with pencil

#7. Create a Home Theatre

Draw the blinds, make a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a movie marathon of the latest movies. Your kids would love watching the latest Avengers or Disney movie.

#8. Free Activities

If you Google “free activities near me,” you may be able to find some excellent events at your local schools, community centres and libraries. Your kids could even meet new friends as they find fun local things to do to in school holidays.

Boy drawing with crayons

#9. Relax at Your In-Home ‘Salon’

With hair masks, foot soaks, bubble face sheets, manicures and other salon activities, you could create a fun experience for your kids.

#10. Plant a Potted Veggie Garden

Get together a few pots and plant herbs and vegetables in your garden. Some of them could even grow indoors! In a few months, you could even be adding home grown produce to your dinner recipes.

#11. Paint Pouring

Paint pouring is a great way to let kids have some fun with different coloured paints while exercising their creative juices. Just make sure they do it outside. Otherwise, your floors will be a complete mess!

Colourful chalk drawing on driveway

#12. Let Kids Decorate Your Driveway with Chalk

Give your kids some chalk and let their imaginations run wild on the driveway!

#13. Create Cardboard Homes

Cardboard boxes are a great way to set up little houses, forts or other structures.

#14. Create a Family Tree

With sticky notes and a big sheet, you could have your kids create a family tree showing their aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and other relatives.

#15.  Setup Your Own Car Wash

With a few buckets, natural soap and water, your kids can play at car wash employees as they clean the family vehicle!

Pile of Uno cards

#16. Have a Game Day

Take out all your favourite board games and make a day of it! See who comes ahead in Monopoly, Risk and other games!

#17. In-Home Campgrounds

Set up a tent in your backyard, bring snacks and tell scary stories to your kids! They can get into the camping spirit even if you do not have time to take a big camping trip.

With these seventeen activities, your kids are sure to have more than enough things to do in school holidays!

Looking for more fun things to do? Check out our blogs below, or look for local activities for the kids to enjoy these holidays.

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