Space-saving tips for your kitchen

July 24, 2015 - 2 min read

Is your kitchen always an untidy mess? Whether there’s no room for all of your cooking utensils or you’d like to make your kitchen more efficient, there’s a range of things you can do to create more space.

Your kitchen has a range of functional purposes, so in many cases it can be a battle between certain appliances or other everyday cooking items for their place. It’s time to turn your confused kitchen into an organised, clutter-free zone! From removing walls to making your cupboards more accessible, we’ve got a few simple tips to maximise your kitchen.

Built-in microwaves

When it comes to your kitchen, benchtop space comes at a premium. With so many appliances and devices that call the kitchen home, you don’t want to be wasting space with a big microwave. If your home doesn’t feature a cupboard space for your microwave, make it a number one priority.

Everyday items only!

Is it really necessary to have all your kitchen items actually stored in the kitchen? Think about which items you use only occasionally, and store them in a nearby closet or shelf. This leaves more space for your everyday kitchen items, making the space more functional.


Do you think that building more cabinets is your only solution when it comes to adding storage space? Think again! Many people may feel as though their cupboards are full, but there is actually plenty of room towards the back. Adding rollouts will ensure every inch of the cabinet is accessible, particularly when it comes to blind-corner cabinets. If you’re building a new home, opting for drawers instead of cabinets will maximise your kitchen space.

Remove a wall

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the whole family should be able to enjoy it together. There’s nothing worse than having no room to move once a couple of people decide to enter the kitchen all at once. Knocking out a wall can liberate the entire space, giving your home a more open feel, while providing a more spacious environment for cooking. It can be a little expensive, but it is worth every cent. You will need to consult your local builder beforehand and make sure that removing the wall isn’t going to damage your home’s structural integrity.

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