Must-Do Home Improvements Before You Sell

Many Australian home buyers are looking for the perfect home to suit their family, and often aren’t ready to make a commitment to a house that requires extensive renovations or upgrades. Before you put your house on the market, there are a few things you should consider to ensure your home looks not only presentable, but also is a home that potential buyers could imagine moving right into. Here are some main areas of your home that you should inspect and see if improvement is needed.

Let’s face it, when it comes to selling a home, everyone wants the same two things; to sell it quickly and for as much money as possible.

There is no doubt that tackling a few home improvements for putting your house on the market will offer you more rewards than if you left things as they are and put your trust in chance.

Home improvement doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out thousands for a new roof or new windows, although if those are in bad shape, you might want to consider doing so.

Most improvements will be labour intensive more than expensive so get your gloves on and read the guide we made that can help you get the most money for your house.

Large house exterior

Interior Home Improvements

You will find many buyers spend more time inspecting the inside of the home since they believe that they can spot defects in the outside from the inside (a leaking roof, for example, might not show outside, but water spots on the ceiling tell all!)

Take a good look at the following areas of your home and imagine what a potential buyer might notice. Common improvements that go a long way include:

Paint and Wallpaper

A fresh coat of paint not only hides flaws, but the smell makes people think of fresh, new beginnings. Consider repainting your interior in a neutral colour such as off-white or beige. While you might love navy blue, perhaps navy blue is the buyers least favourite colour.

If you have old, dated looking, peeling or faded wallpaper, this would be a good time to change it or remove it and give the wall a fresh coat of paint.

Timber flooring in hallway

Carpet, Tiles and Timber

This can be expensive if you need to replace any flooring, but many times a simple wash or a fresh coat of wax on timber flooring will do the trick. Clean the grout on tile floors and give carpets a good washing. If this is not enough to hide the fact that there is damage or that something is simply worn out, you should seriously consider replacing the item.

Shower head and blue tiles

Fixtures and Appliances

Unless they are built-in to the cabinets, most homeowners don’t expect appliances to come with the home. If any appliances are going to stay, be sure to replace any missing or broken knobs and handles. You should also give all the appliances a good scrubbing so that the chrome sparkles!

Fixtures such as shower heads or kitchen faucets that are leaking, inoperative, or are broken will need to be replaced. No one wants to check the water pressure in the bathroom where the shower head is hanging off! While new owners might want to choose new fixtures, yours should at least look presentable at the time of sale.

Marie Kondo Clean

The moment potential buyers’ step into your home, they are picturing where they would put their sofa, their dining table and chairs, and their photographs. Cluttered rooms make it difficult to imagine where their items would fit! Do a Marie Kondo and pack up keepsakes, small photos, and other small items so the house looks neat and tidy. You are going to move anyway, right? So, think of this as getting an early start on the process!

Exterior Home Improvements

Your home’s first impression starts at the curb. The moment potential buyers step out of their car, they are sizing up the home and imagining themselves living there, inviting their family, and having parties with their friends.

Give your home the maximum curb appeal possible with a few of the following home improvements.

lawn mower and long grass

Garden and Lawns

Trim up trees and bushes and keep the lawn neatly mowed at all times. You might want to add some fresh plants or hanging baskets with flowers to make the house look pretty and inviting.

Patios and Alfresco Areas

Repaint any areas that might have peeling or faded paint. Be sure that the pool, if you have one, is sparkling clean. Replace patio screen doors if they are broken or don’t work correctly. Power wash patios or fences so that everything looks fresh and inviting.

Yellow and red tulips in garden

Home Exterior

While no one is expecting a brand-new house, buyers don’t want to think about doing repairs right after they move in either! Repair or replace broken rain gutters. Give the roof and outside a power washing and replace any broken roofing tiles. If necessary, paint the exterior. Wash the windows, screens and driveway.

Be certain that the front door looks appealing, with no peeling paint or faded wood stain. Wash the garage door and if you have an automatic garage opener, check that it works well. Consider cleaning, boxing up, or storing items in the garage so the new owners can imagine parking their car inside.

Potential buyers want a home that has no large repair issues and one that is “move in ready.” A house that is clean, neat and in general good repair shows pride of ownership that new owners will want to purchase and continue your efforts.

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