Your Ultimate Moving House Checklist

They say moving houses can be one of the most stressful activities. From packing to updating details, here are some hot tips to make your moving day go smoothly.

Moving can be the beginning of a great and new adventure. But, moving to a new location can also have its ups and downs, mainly related to the excitement and complete disorganisation (and sometimes downright chaos). That’s why having this moving house checklist can be a Godsend. It can keep you on track, organised and prepared for each step before you have to take it.

Before You Start to Pack

Step #1. Before you even begin to pack, use the opportunity to declutter your life. Find the things that have real value or function and simply take up room. If it doesn’t make you happy, throw it out – don’t take it with you.

Step #2. Now it’s time to gather supplies. Get everything you’ll need, including boxes, cleaning materials, packaging tape, moving pads for sliding furniture and lots of scrap paper for filling glassware.

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Packing Tips

Step #3. As you pack, keep everything allocated to specific rooms. Take it one step at a time and complete each project as you go. Label boxes by room and keep items together. This will help with current organisation as well as speeding up the unpacking process in your new home.

Step #4. Never wait until the last minute to get started. Start packing as soon as possible. This couldn’t be emphasised more if you have a moving truck scheduled. Moving to a new house can get hectic really quick if you do not stay on top of things.

Step #5. Don’t overload boxes. Keep them light enough to carry quickly and easily and without much effort. This way you are not burning yourself out early in the moving process.

Step #6. Secure fragile and valuable items. Fill glassware with brown paper, and then surround them with the paper. This helps to provide resistance that results from a potentially bumpy ride.

When it comes to china cabinets or other glass sheets, tape an X across them, front and back. Then place some brown paper across the front and back and tape it around the edges.

Step #7. Use suitcases to pack clothes or other items. And to save additional space, do not fold your clothing. Instead, roll them up into a cylindrical shape. Make them as tight as possible. Doing this will greatly increase the number of items you can pack.

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Cut Ties with Your Old Address

Step #8. Redirect your mail to your new address. You’ll want to do this sooner rather than later, as sometimes it can take just a little while for the change to go into effect.

Step #9. Schedule your utilities to be transferred to your new home. Doing this will ensure you are not packing or unpacking in the dark. It will also help when it comes to being able to use the bathroom without issue.

Step #10. Update super providers and employers on your address change. This will keep all your records current.

Step #11. Update your licence and any other critical paperwork such as vehicle registration.

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Get Prepared for Your Move

Step #12. If you have kids or pets, it may be a good idea to have somewhere they can go for the days you are packing and moving. It will give you peace of mind not having to worry about their whereabouts and will allow you to focus on getting the job done quickly.

Step #13. Keep abreast of upcoming weather on the days you are moving house. Prepare for wet weather by tarping objects that cannot get wet, removing or wrapping exposed cords, etc.

Step #14. Make a list of everything you need to do in the order of priority and tick it all off as you go.

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