Renovating your home can be a chaotic time—but it doesn’t need to be! Don’t get bogged down with last minute decision-making. Follow our simple organisational tips for a stress-free renovation!

1. Do Your Research

Planning renovations

Before you pick up any tools, you’ll need to speak with a variety of professionals. Finding out everything you need to know before you start will help lead to a stress-free renovation.

Ensure you speak to these people before starting your renovation:

Real Estate Agent: A local real estate agent with good community knowledge will be able to let you know what will help increase the value of your home. This will also give you an insight as to what people buying in the area are looking for.

Architect: Have an architect look over your house’s original building plans. They’ll be able to tell you any load-bearing walls that can’t be removed, or any other details you’ll need to know.

2. Budget With Your Head, Not Your Heart

Budget Building

You may be dying to rip out your flat-pack kitchen and install a rustic setting, but can you really afford it? Before you begin your renovation, sit down and realistically budget for every light switch, doorknob and can of paint.

If you can’t afford a complete renovation, try doing minimal changes such as updating cabinet doors, doorknobs and fittings.

3. Plan Ahead

Camp Kitchen

So you’ve just ripped out your bathroom, only to realise you don’t have a shower for 6 weeks! Plan ahead and figure out what you’ll need during your renovation.

Consider these things before starting your renovation:

Bathroom: If you only have one bathroom, set up a port-a-potty and shower, or arrange to stay elsewhere during your renovations.

Kitchen: This is a great time to pull out your camping equipment! Use your barbecue or a gas-stove for cooking, a battery or solar powered cold chest and ensure your food is out of the way of dust and debris.

Bedroom & Living: You’ll want to ensure you have somewhere to rest that is clean. In a room not being renovated, ensure there is a door or a tarp covering the entrance and make a comfy space to chill out and sleep.

4. Find Easy Solutions

Skip Bin

While you’re renovating, you’ll want to make life as easy as possible for you and your family. By taking the work out of other areas of your life, you can focus on completing your project.

Try these things to help create a seamless, stress-free renovation:

Grocery Delivery: Ordering your groceries online and having them delivered will save you more time than you would imagine! This will also help you prevent yourself from forgetting any important items you may miss in the grocery aisles, while your mind is at home.

Skip Bins: Spare yourself the time and effort of lugging rubbish loads back and forth from the tip with a skip bin! This way you don’t need to worry about filling up your bin and you can have it collected when it’s full!

Looking to hire a skip bin?

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Binns Bins

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Dumpers Handybin

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