Ideas for Your DIY Business Card Design

When it comes to your business, branding is one of the most important things. A logo, design or brand colours can convey to the world who you are and what you do. Business cards go one step further and give potential clients a way to connect with you. So why make your business card boring, when you can have a unique design that stands out? We’ve put together a guide to get started on your own business card design.

So, you’ve got your own business, congratulations! Whether it’s large, medium, or small, every business can reap the benefits that come from business cards.

Business cards are a tangible source of information, not just a name on a computer screen. It’s so easy for people to forget names or phone numbers and while smartphones are great, they can’t convey your company brand.

Without a doubt, business cards can send a powerful first impression. You might be thinking of creating your own business card design, and while that can be a great start, you might want to give that DIY project a few thoughts.

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All Business Cards are NOT the Same

Since your business card is going to give clients their first impression of you and your company, you want to be certain that they are professional, both in design and material.

Yes, there are dozens of software programs that can help you design your card and perhaps even print them, but if you have ever tried printing photographs from home, you know that colours on paper don’t always match what you see on the screen.

You don’t want to use just any paper, either. Professional printers can be of tremendous help in choosing the right stock, as well as offering advice on design.

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DIY Business Card Design

There is certainly nothing wrong with choosing a business card design idea that you feel will represent you and your company best, then allowing a professional printing company to offer suggestions and print the cards for you.

We’ve made a guide to help you get started!

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Minimalist Business Card Designs

Simple designs with clean, clear lines that aren’t cluttered with designs are always a favourite. We like some of the following minimalist design ideas:

  • A bi-coloured card that features your name horizontally, then contact information vertically, catches the eye without being boring
  • With a pretty design on the front and contact information on the back, this type of business card will never hit the recycling bin!
  • The icon on this card tells clients everything they need to know without all the clutter. This card catches the eye with its colourful, yet tasteful, design.
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Classic Business Card Designs

It’s time to think outside the box! Be bold, be creative, think eye-catching, edgy, even a bit over the top!

Whichever design you choose, you will get the quality results you want when you use a professional printer.

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