Ceiling Paintwork to Get You Inspired

When it comes time to repaint your house or refresh a room, Australians often forget to include their ceiling. While it may seem like there isn’t much you can do, we’ve compiled a list of some trends that can help transform your room.

Let’s face it, most of us simply paint our ceilings white and forget about them. However, when you think about it, all that space that could be used in a number of ways is being neglected with boring white ceiling paint.

Did you know that your often-ignored ceilings can make or break your room?! It’s true! Whether you want to make a ceiling look higher or you want to change a room from boring to bang with a coffered ceiling, you shouldn’t forget about that “fifth” wall.

kitchen with tall ceiling

Make the Ceiling Appear Taller

Older homes or flats can sometimes have rather low ceilings that give you the feeling of being boxed in. You can trick the eye into thinking the ceiling is taller with very little effort.

  • Use recessed lighting. Avoid large lights and opt for recessed (sometimes called canned) lighting
  • Remove crown mouldings. Large, ornate, or wide crown mouldings only draw attention to the low ceiling. You can remove the mouldings completely or exchange them for very, very thin mouldings. If you can’t remove them, the ceiling paint and moulding paint be the same colour to avoid drawing attention to them
  • An inexpensive way to make the room look taller is to paint the ceiling white but using a super high-gloss paint. This will act more like a mirror and give the illusion of more space
man painting wall white

Decorating Ceilings on a Budget

If you love the idea of a decorative ceiling but you’re on a tight budget, you can still have a stunning ceiling! Some budget-friendly ideas include:

  • If your ceiling is nice and smooth, consider stencils or you could even paint your own repeating design if you have an artistic flair
  • For those who have very neutral walls or furnishings, consider making a bold statement by painting the ceiling a deep, rich colour, such as brick red or navy blue. Keep in mind that darker colours make the ceiling appear smaller
  • Two thin pinstripes of similar but different colours, such as grey and black, around the edges of your ceiling to give it a more expensive, tray-like look that screams elegance
living room with painted ceiling

Coffered Ceilings

This is an ancient style that has withstood the test of time. Coffered ceilings are versatile and can be created to match anyone’s taste or décor. Some of the most popular coffered looks today are easier to create than you might think.

  • The classic coffered ceiling has a simple box or checkerboard look with a sunken centre where a light or lamp is placed. You can recreate this look with mouldings, adding ceiling tiles, or even via ceiling paint.
  • A coastal look is always popular. This can easily be achieved by using a beadboard ceiling and some wainscoting. This informal look gives a laid-back feeling to the room.
  • Neoclassical is what you often think of when it comes to coffered ceilings. This design breaks the ceiling into two or more rectangles, which are often painted. Each rectangle or the two main rectangles, hold a large light, such as a chandelier. This works well in rooms that are very large or when you want something very dramatic.
ceiling with large decorative lights

There is almost no end to what you can create with your ceiling and a bit of imagination. After you’ve tried it, you will never consider plain old white ceiling paint again! We’ve found some local painters who can help refresh your ceilings

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