DIY home painting ideas

August 13, 2015 - 2 min read

Have you decided on a feature wall, or want to get creative for the kids’ rooms, but aren’t sure where to start? Getting the look you want doesn’t need to be difficult; you just have to know what to do! We’ve outlined some of the most popular painting effects and styles, so you have a better idea of how to achieve your desired look. From framing fabrics to add texture through to colour blocking, we’ve covered it all. Read on to get the most from your feature wall.

Looking to decorate the kids’ room? Try these fun and bright ideas.

Stripes and chevron patterns are fantastic for quickly brightening up a room and adding some extra dimension, without taking over the space. The kids’ room is all about having fun, so go all out with bright and vibrant colours that exude playfulness—just be sure to run the colours by the kids first!

Block colours are a fantastic way to add an accent to the room. This works for all rooms, whether it’s for the kids or the master suite. It’s a popular choice because it’s so easy to pull off—and is a safe choice for fickle children!

Choose a pattern or mural to make a wall stand out. Kids love murals, and a popular choice is the cloud mural. This is easy, lots of fun and can involve the whole family!

What about the rest of the house? Try these easy tips.

Frame a pattern or fabric to create a beautiful, textured feature wall that won’t be overbearing. Perfect to use in lieu of a bed headboard, or just to spruce up an otherwise dull wall, you’re sure to have a lot of fun choosing fabrics and patterns.

Go dark for drama with navy or another dark colour. This will add a surprising pop of colour to a lighter colour palette—great for accentuating fireplaces or other aspects of a room.

If you don’t like block colours, try stripes. Adding stripes in complementing colours will help switch up the style a little, such as a light hue alongside a pop of colour.

Define a living space with a bright colour. Have a study nook, or a breakfast corner you want to breathe some life into? A lick of bright paint will do the trick!