Avoid Breakdowns With Our Simple Vehicle Check

October 14, 2015 - 2 min read

When was the last time you gave your car a little TLC, aside from your 6-month service? Follow our simple vehicle check and maintenance list to make it a quick and easy job you can fit in on the weekend

If your idea of paradise is touring the Great Outdoors, unearthing breathtaking national parks, striking waterfalls and awe inspiring natural reserves, then it’s vital to maintain your vehicle to avoid a breakdown.

Before you decide to embark on your next wilderness adventure, it is well worth following our simple vehicle check to ensure your sightseeing doesn’t end up being from the back of a tow truck!

#1 Check your coolant levels


Make sure your coolant is filled up before you begin your tour, no higher than the maximum level indicated on the overflow bottle. If you have an older model vehicle, coolant is topped up in the radiator cap. Don’t forget, always avoid filling your coolant while the vehicle is hot.

#2 Top up your engine oil


It is vital to check your vehicles oil level before sightseeing. If you forget to do this and your engine oil runs out, it may result in your engine overheating and seizing up, requiring a costly replacement. Your engine must be cold when you check the oil level, indicated on the dipstick, and never overfill this above the maximum point!

#3 Make sure your spare tyre is in good condition


While it seems logical, it is easy to overlook checking your spare tyre before you go sightseeing. Always have a quick look over your spare to ensure it isn’t deflated or damaged, and while doing this it is worth locating your jack and wheel brace, just in case you get a flat!

#4 Look over the fan belt to see if it’s loose or worn


If your fan belt breaks while you are travelling, it is not only inconvenient, but can also result in costly repairs. A prolonged squealing while you are travelling is generally either 2 things, your fan belt is loose and slipping, or you’re unfortunate enough to be travelling with your children! Make sure to check your fan belt for cracks or movement to avoid issues occurring.

# 5 Fill your tyres to the specified pressure indicated in your vehicle’s manual


For a comfortable ride and to avoid blowouts, always fill your tyres before you go sightseeing. If you are uncertain on the level of pressure, your manual will highlight this.

If you are travelling to the Taree region to see some of the amazing natural attractions, be sure to drop your car into a local Taree mechanic for a check-up.

If your car’s broken down on route, a Taree tow truck is never far away!

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