Is your car holiday ready?

July 29, 2015 - 3 min read

Toothbrush; check. Spare socks; check. Snacks for the road trip; check. Car lights…not working. Don’t delay your getaway because of car troubles. Follow our checklist to ensure your car is as ready for a holiday as you are.

So you’re ready to go on that family vacation that you’ve been planning for ages? Don’t start your engine just yet! Before you set off on a road trip with the family, it’s important to ensure your car is going to make the journey. Not only will you be able to take the problem to your mechanic, you will also be rest assured that you and the family will be safe on that long journey—what could be more important than that? We’ve put together these handy checks that you should do before setting off, as well as some local Rockhampton mechanics to keep you on the road.

Check #1 Headlights

Over time, plastic headlight lenses tend to get cloudy and will reduce the strength of the light. By conducting a quick check on your headlight strength you’ll be able to power through the night or bad weather! If your headlights do seem weak, simply clean the lenses or replace the bulbs.

Check #2 Air conditioning

If you’ve planned the greatest Aussie summer vacation ever, the flow of your air conditioning is going to be super important. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in a vehicle full of sweaty passengers! By checking your condenser blades for obstructions, checking your air compressor and replacing any worn or loose belts, you’ll stay cool and comfortable the whole time.

Check #3 Engine temperature

The last thing you need is a road trip ruined by an overheated engine. Before you set out, check your engine by cleaning the radiator blades if they are dirty, replenishing coolant in your car’s overflow tank and replacing the fan belt if it’s loose or worn.

Check #4 Tire pressure

Having low tires could make your trip a little less smooth. It will both reduce your fuel economy and increase your chance of a blowout. Simply add some air to your tires to reach the recommended pressure—found in your owner manual. If your tires start feeling low while you’re on the road, most petrol stations should have an air station where you can pump up your tires.

Check #5 Air and cabin filters

If your air and cabin filters are dirty, they will become ineffective at removing impurities. This may cause engine problems or reduce the air quality inside the passenger compartment. By replacing the filters when needed, you’ll ensure a better airflow and a smooth-running engine.

Check #6 Oil level and quality

Having a dirty or low oil level in your car will affect the lubrication of your car’s engine and other parts. Checking your oil level before a long trip is beneficial as you don’t want to have your engine die out on you due to bad oil when you’re halfway there!

Is it time to take the car in for a service? Check out these Rockhampton mechanics that’ll get you on the road in no time.

Ford Street Mechanical

If you’re needing an auto repair done or are due for a service, look no further than Ford Street Mechanical. Offering a diverse range of mechanical services, this friendly team will have you back on the road quick smart! No matter what you need done, Brad’s Service Centre will be able to assist with any job. Being the only gearbox and differential specialists in Rockhampton, this qualified team are ready for your call!
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Ultra Tune

Catering to both fleet and private motorists, the experienced team at Ultra Tune will have you rest assured that your car is in safe hands. Whether you’re in need of an emergency tyre change on your way through Rockhampton, or you’re looking for a local mechanic, Ultra Tune have got you covered. Call in today and you’ll be back on the road in no time at all!
Address: 55 Gladstone Rd South Rockhampton QLD 4700

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