How-To Guide for Changing a Flat

July 9, 2015 - 3 min read

Everyone should know how to change a tyre; after all, you never know when you’ll need to when no one else is around. Learn how to temporarily patch a tyre or change a flat in our how-to guide.

If you’re constantly using your car to get from point A to point B, sooner or later you’re going to hear a dreaded pop, followed by the flapping sound of a flat tyre. While your local Wollongong roadside assistance service will be happy to help, signing up will cost you a pretty penny. Since flat tyres are a fairly common occurrence with vehicles, changing it with your spare is an important skill to learn. We’ve provided you with a DIY guide to changing a flat tyre, so you know what to do when that unfortunate time finally comes.

Temporary Fix

Every now and again you may have encountered a small puncture. You can purchase a tyre puncture kit or spray to get you through a few more kilometres, before replacing it with a new tyre.

Guide for changing a tyre

Must-have equipment includes: functioning jack, lug wrench and spare tyre.

Optional equipment includes: flashlight, gloves, raincoat, WD-40, tyre gauge and tyre block.

#1 Pull off the road safely. If you’re on the motorway, try to get off at the next exit. Otherwise pull off as far onto the shoulder as you can. Never park on a bend where it might be hard for traffic to see you and make sure it’s a flat surface so you can jack your car without any dramas.

#2 Turn on your hazards; this informs other drivers to stay cautious while you get the appropriate equipment out of the car. Keep your hazards on until you’re ready to go again

#3 Loosen lug nuts with your wrench. You may need to remove the hub cap first. Remember righty tighty, lefty loosey!

#4 Lift your car with the jack. Consult owner’s manual to find the correct spot to put the jack and make sure it’s 6 inches off the ground.

#5 Completely remove lug nuts, then remove the punctured tyre by pulling the tyre towards you (don’t lose the nuts!).

#6 Place the spare tyre on the car, aligning lug nut posts with the empty hole and push until it’s completely on.

#7 Put lug nuts backs on, tightening to about 75 per cent.

#8 Lower the car back down using the jack.

#9 Make sure lug nuts are completely tightened.

#10 Put your flat tyre back in your car and clean up any mess.

Prevention is key

Make sure your vehicle is getting a regular service from a local mechanic or tyre expert. They will be able to evaluate your vehicle and check for any unevenly worn spots, or skimpy tread on your tyres. We’ve found a few of the best Wollongong mechanics that can do the job right for you.

Auto Repair Solutions Unanderra

High-quality products, Matthews Tyres & mechanical Repairs - Wollongong
High-quality products at Auto Repair Solutions Unanderra.

If you want a reliable mechanic for all your automotive repairs and maintenance, look no further than Auto Repair Solutions Unanderra. Stocking tyres from quality brands like Kumho and Goodride, if your tread is becoming worn, the team here will be more than happy to sort you out. From brakes and clutch issues to engine and suspension troubles, there’s no automotive issue too big or small for Auto Repair Solutions Unanderra.
Where: 9/20 Doyle Ave Unanderra NSW 2526

Wollongong Auto Excellence

Friendly team, Wollongong Auto Excellence - Wollongong
Friendly team, Wollongong Auto Excellence – Wollongong

Is your car overdue for a service? Stop putting it off and have the friendly professionals at Wollongong Auto Excellence have a look. The qualified mechanics here specialise in tune-ups, thorough diagnostic checks, rego inspections, air-conditioning repairs and much more. Perhaps it’s your tyres that have you worried? The team here will be happy to replace your skimpy tyres with Maxxis or Sumitomos for better speed and efficiency. For quality service at an affordable price, book your car in at Wollongong Auto Excellence.
Where: 4 Glebe St Wollongong NSW

Have you had a recent incident involving a flat tyre? Let us know what happened in the comments below!

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