Big ideas for small gardens

July 10, 2015 - 2 min read

Got a small garden or yard? Here are some tips and tricks to help you maximise the space and have a beautiful garden. Read on to find out our top tips for small gardens.

Does your home suffer from small-garden syndrome? At first glance, turning your small yard into a luscious outdoor space may seem impossible, however, you’ll be pleased to know it’s rather simple! From decking the surfaces and adding features to getting creative with plants and furniture, there are so many ways to change a sub-standard garden into something beautiful. If you need a few pointers on ways to transform your tiny backyard into a spacious haven, we suggest reading up on these big ideas for small gardens. Whether you have a rooftop space, an overgrown yard or a narrow garden, make it look amazing with these 6 ideas.

Deck it

Laying down fresh decking is a great way to transform a garden’s space. Whether you choose to deck half the yard, or opt for the entire garden, this simple, modern and practical idea will be sure to suit your backyard.

Pots are your best friend

Potting plants is one of the best, and most convenient ways to add colour to a small garden. Choose a number of pots (all different colours and shapes) and place around your yard to create a versatile and vibrant space.

Create a herb garden

Keen to turn your small space into a practical paradise? Opt for a herb garden! This idea is perfect for foodies who love their herbs, and can be executed in the tiniest of areas. Either pot your favourite edibles, or if you have minimal space, simply create a vertical wall garden!

Hanging baskets

Don’t have enough room for potted plants? Then perhaps you should purchase some hanging baskets! Coming in a range of sizes, pick your preferred designs before loading them with your favourite flowers—easy and effective!

Built-in seating

If you’re limited for space when it comes to having outdoor furniture, built-in seating is a great option. Find an area that has a nice amount of light, and build your very own bench for a relaxing place to rest in the sun!

Boutique alfresco

Who said tiny gardens can’t be adorable and charming? If you’re keen to create your own little slice of paradise, we suggest opting for a boutique alfresco. This design looks great in a decked or paved garden space! Just remember, less is more so keep it minimal.