Take a look at these designer sinks

September 3, 2015 - 2 min read

When it comes to your kitchen or bathroom, why have a boring old sink when you could incorporate one of these amazing modern designs? Which one is your favourite?

Sometimes, we just need a little sink-spiration. Whether we want to be amazed by simple, chic designs or baffled by ridiculously extraordinary pieces of furniture, inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Lucky for you, this is what this article is all about! In the realm of perfect plumbing, sinks are usually picked out for their functionality. However, some people lean towards the aesthetics that can be produced from a humble sink. So sit back, relax and take a look at the most incredible sinks we have found.

The Erosion Sink

by Gore Design Co.

Custom-made by this leading concrete designer, The Erosion Sink is unique each time it is made and no two sinks are the same. All aspects of the design is customisable, from colour, size, shape and even the layout of the erosion pattern.

The Chopping Board Sink 

by Philips

This chopping board/kitchen sink hybrid could be exactly what you need in life. Get all of your food preparation done in one fixed area–what could be simpler? This is one sink innovation that could just solve all of our kitchen problems!

The Low Level Sink

by VitrA

We’ve all been a kid once. We all know the perils of being too short to reach the sink. We’ve also known the perils of wanting to specifically wash our feet, and deciding whether to wet half our bodies in the shower or do an awkward ballet move to put them in the sink. This idea is super functional, and super adorable.

The Glassworks Sink 

by Glassworks

The gorgeous works of Glassworks are easily recognisable. Those glistening finishes made by beautiful and unique shapes of glass can really add a touch of personal style to your home. This sink, seeming like an iceberg replica, adds a cool touch of nature to its surroundings.

The Etched Glass Basin 

by OmVivo

This design is purely pretty. The minimalist design has an elegance level that is only raised by the etched glass base. When the basin is raised on it’s waste collar, this glass base will cast a gorgeous, patterned light over the surface of your vanity.