5 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding, or just looking for some inspiration, here are 5 gorgeous ideas to use for your wedding bouquet. Swap the traditional floral arrangements for something more modern or dreamy. We’ll also help you find a local wedding flower expert to help you organise your dream day.

From rustic barn-themed wedding venues to pop-up food and drink trucks serving food at the reception, more and more Australians are choosing to have less than traditional weddings. So it’s no surprise people are opting for unique wedding bouquets in lieu of traditional blooms.

We’ve found 5 of Instagram’s most unique wedding bouquet ideas to inspire you for your big day.

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5 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Your Big Day

1. Succulents

If you haven’t yet been swept up into the succulent craze, this could convince you to ditch the traditional flowers. With hundreds of varieties of succulents to choose from, and each coming in an array of colours, they’ll really make your bouquet stand out.

We suggest using a mix of any variety of echeverias and the longer burro’s tails to hang over the side. Or why not try a pop of colour and use the pink variety of the popular Pachyphytum Oviferum–otherwise known as the moonstone succulent.

The best thing about using succulents is that, other than their stunning and unique look of course, is that you can plant or propagate them after your wedding and have a memento from your special day!


2. Australian Natives

Using Australian natives in your bouquet will create an earthy, rustic look to suit any outdoor wedding.

You could focus on large King Protea flowers, Waratahs or a few Banksias and surround them with smaller flowers and leafy plants such as eucalyptus or flannel flower. For a bit of colour, why not try yellow wattle or the striking red kangaroo paw?


3. Artificial Flowers

If you like the idea of keeping your wedding bouquet around forever, why not opt for artificial flowers?

Some florists may carry an arrangement of life-like looking artificial flowers. Premium faux flowers are often made from silk and can be made into any arrangement you can think of.

An added benefit of using artificial flowers is that you can use your chosen flower at any time of the year, even if that flower is not currently blooming.


4. Floral Hair Pieces

If you want to keep you and your bridesmaids’ hands free, why not go for the less traditional floral hair piece? From gorgeous flower crowns for a bohemian-style wedding, to beautiful hair clips to complement an up-do, a floral hair piece will be a stunning addition to any wedding.

We suggest the bride totes a mixture of white, delicate flowers in her hair, while the bridesmaids’ flowers match the colour of their dresses.


5. Bridal Wreaths

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, why not incorporate a bridal wreath in your wedding day? Wreaths have significant meaning in many cultures and religion, and their circular shape often symbolise eternity.

Your local wedding flower specialist can create a wreath using a hoop or even branches and decorate it with fresh flowers and greenery.  


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