5 wedding flower mistakes to avoid

July 27, 2015 - 2 min read

One of the most important part of your special day is the flowers. What kind? What colour? How big should the bouquet be? Here are some common bridal flower mistakes and how to avoid them.

Don’t go OTT!

Whether it’s mixing a range of flowers from all different seasons or going for a variety of colours, sometimes keeping it simple is best. Trying to combine the rustic textures of an autumn flower with bright pastels of a spring bloom can look unnatural. Try to keep your florals within one particular season and take a minimalist approach when picking the amount of different colours you want to use—particularly in your bouquet.

Keeping it safe

Just because you’re not using a whole range of colours, doesn’t mean you can’t be bold with the colours you do use. If you’re having a black and white wedding, the colour contrast of bright orange, red or even hot pink flowers can really make your wedding flowers pop against the background.

No meaning

While it’s important that your wedding looks great visually, at the end of the day it’s your big occasion. Your flowers should have some sentimental value to you as a couple. Whether you want to include roses because it’s reminiscent of a first date, or daffodils because they are a reflection of your personality as a couple, be sure to choose flowers that will make your day more special.

Not communicating with your florist

To ensure your wedding flowers look perfect on the day, you need to openly communicate with your florist. You’ll have an idea of what you want, but your florist has a load of experience in weddings and knows what’s achievable. Collaborate with your florist as much as possible and they will educate you on what flowers are in season, as well as the best colours and textures for a breathtaking floral finish.

Florist creating boquet of flowers

Going against advice

Your wedding flowers are a creative collaboration between you and your florist, so if they have something to say, make sure you listen— as they have seen it all before! Also with so many things to plan, try not to micro manage everything. Let the experts do their jobs and leave some of the smaller decisions to them. If you’re looking for the perfect florist to collaborate with for your wedding, you’re in luck!

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