What is holistic dental care? Isn’t it the same as regular dentistry?

What’s the deal with holistic dental care? We share with you the basics you need to know, what to expect and where to find your local holistic dentist.

How is holistic dental care different to other dentistry? The Sydney Holistic Dental Centre defines a holistic health practitioner as someone who ‘looks at all parts of the human body as connected and believes that no part works in isolation to another’.

While every dental surgery is different in their practices, a holistic dentist will normally look at your overall health history, including your posture, nutrition and sleeping habits, as part of your oral health care. One of the key differences between holistic and standard dentistry is that a holistic dentist will not use mercury-based or amalgam fillings as it is believed they may impact a person’s overall health.

Definition: A holistic dentist looks at the body as a whole and the overall health of a person in relation to their oral health.

Here are some answers to the common questions about holistic dental care in Australia.

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What do holistic dentists use for fillings if they don’t use dental amalgam?

The dental material used will normally depend on the patient. It’s common for holistic dentists to assess how different materials react with the patient to find the best fit for their circumstances. Although, it’s pretty safe to say those materials won’t include anything mercury based.

During this process, the patient will be informed on their different options and be educated on each so they can be informed and involved in the treatment process.

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Is it true a holistic dentist won’t remove wisdom teeth?

It’s not that a holistic dentist won’t remove a wisdom tooth (or teeth) it’s more so that they don’t tend to remove them unless there is a problem with pain or infection. Again, it all comes down to the patient’s overall health.

Any dentist, holistic or not, will be open to discussing concerns with wisdom teeth. In some cases, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon may be required for impacted wisdom teeth, which can be advised by a dentist.

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Are holistic dental appointments different to other dental visits?

A holistic dentist has completed general dentistry and must comply to Australian standards as any other practitioner in their field. Where they differ is that they normally have undergone further training in other areas of the body or treatment, such as naturopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, etc.

An appointment at a holistic clinic will normally begin with a questionnaire or assessment of different areas of your life, health and wellbeing. This helps the practitioner to make connections between any issues your having with your teeth and gums, as well as advise on treatment and on-going plan options.

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Where do you find a holistic dentist?

We’ve listed some of the most common searches for dentists in Australia below. If you don’t see your area listed, feel free to use the search bar below. Simply enter your location and select the relevant business category to be taken to a list of dental clinics in your area.

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