Types of Coffee You Need to Try

Whether you make your own at home, or treat yourself once (or lets face it – several) times a day to a perfect barista made coffee, there’s no need to get the same coffee every time. With so many varieties of coffee, flavours and endless designs for latte art, why stick to just one? Here are some of the most popular and delicious types of coffee you can find at most local coffee shops.

Before we are truly awake, we have already decided on which type of coffee we are going to enjoy – the usual, right? When you want to get moving, this makes perfect sense, however, with so many great types of coffee available, you should think about expanding your coffee horizons.

When you are ready for your cup of the day, experiment a little with one of the following rich, exotic types of coffee.

Types of Coffee in Australia

You don’t have to stick with that cuppa Belaroma day after day! With so many varieties available to Aussies, you should try something new each week.


Espresso is a very strong black coffee that is made when steam is forced through ground coffee, not boiling water. Because it is so strong, it is often served in tiny cups. Don’t let the size deceive you! Espresso is quite strong, and you sip it, not gulp it. Some people believe that espresso is an acquired taste.

espresso shots being poured by coffee machine


A long-black, sometimes referred to as an Americano, is a double espresso extracted over very hot water. How much water varies from barista to barista, but it is generally a full cup. Since a long-black is nearly boiling, some baristas add a bit of cold water to prevent burned tongues.

black coffee in a blue mug


Always a favourite, if strong coffee flavours are, well, too strong for you, consider a latte. This is an espresso that is made with hot steamed milk. It has a more mild, milky type of flavour than a cappuccino.

two lattes with heart latte art


Many youngsters start off their coffee habit with a mocha. This is an espresso drink that is made with steamed milk, chocolate syrup and has a foamy top.

Block of dark chocolate

Flat White

This drink has become very popular lately and it’s easy to understand why. A flat white has an even mix of liquid milk and espresso. It’s a smoother version of a double espresso and this mix helps to dilute the strong coffee flavour.

person holding flat white and cappacino


If the barista asks you for one or a double shot, they are referring to the small amount of frothed milk that is added to an espresso to create a macchiato.

Small coffee with foam

Piccolo/Piccolo Latte

Similar to a latte, a piccolo is served in a smaller cup. It’s a shot of very strong espresso and a small amount of frothed milk.

Small piccolo coffee with latte


This is more of a dessert than a morning drink, but it’s a must try! Depending on the barista, an affogato is a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato, that is covered by a shot of espresso. Some baristas also add a shot of amaretto.

Affogato with ice cream

A Few Fun Facts about Coffee

Here are a few facts about coffee you might not have been aware of:

  • Coffee beans were originally chewed, not brewed.
  • The “beans” from coffee trees are actually seeds, not beans.
  • Brazil grows more coffee than any other country.
  • Most energy drinks don’t contain anywhere near as much caffeine as Starbucks coffee does!
  • While Americans buy more coffee than any other country, Aussies don’t buy cheap or what might even be considered average coffee.
Dark roasted coffee beans

When it comes to types of coffee, make “Don’t be a bore, explore!” your new mantra!

If you’re ready to try one of the delicious drinks above, find a local coffee shop and take a moment for yourself to enjoy something new

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