Peppermint tea

peppermint tea in a cup
Apart from its delicious and refreshing taste—which is perfect for a hot summers day—peppermint tea is known to help relieve symptoms of abdominal gas and bloating, muscle spasms and nausea (without vomiting). You may also find this herbal tea beneficial if you’re suffering from headaches, sinus problems and menstrual cramps.

Green tea

green tea in a teapot
Green tea is one of the most popular herbal teas around—and for a good reason! Packed with antioxidants and healthy compounds, this wonder tea is known to improve brain function and physical performance, as well as lowering the risk of bacterial infections. It’s also believed that green tea can help to reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and diabetes.

Chamomile tea

chamomile tea in a cup
With a number of healing properties, chamomile tea is miraculous when it comes to your health. As well as helping to calm muscle spasms, soothe stomach aches and promote good sleep, chamomile tea also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to promote healthy skin. In addition, research has also shown that chamomile tea can help people who suffer from diabetes.

Ginger tea

ginger tea in a mug with fresh ginger
Ginger tea contains high levels of Vitamin C, antioxidants and magnesium that can help to decrease inflammation and strengthen your immune system. In addition, this popular herbal tea is also known to improve blood circulation, as well as reducing menstrual discomfort and stress. It seems like a cup of ginger tea is just what the doctor ordered!

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea
For strong bones, teeth and general health, enjoy a cup of rooibos tea! Rich in manganese, calcium, zinc, fluoride and much more, this herbal tea can help to avert joint pain and arthritis, boost your digestive system and improve blood circulation. Rooibos tea is also known to promote healthy hair and skin, as well as relieving hypertension by lowering blood pressure.
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Fancy a cup of tea in the Townsville region?

Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms

Fantastic location, Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms
Fantastic location, Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms

Enjoy the perfect cup of tea in style at Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms. Located in North Queensland’s oldest heritage-listed building, here you can enjoy a range of delicious options for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Services include:

  • A selection of herbal teas
  • Delicious scones & sweets
  • Friendly & welcoming service

Experience the unique atmosphere of Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms for yourself and visit the friendly team today. Check out their LocalSearch profile page for more details.

Still prefer coffee?

Tide Café

Delicious food, Tide Cafe
Delicious food, Tide Cafe

For a fantastic range of coffee and tea in Townsville, don’t look any further than Tide Café. Located in Fairfield Waters Shopping Centre, this is the perfect place to enjoy a wholesome breakfast, relaxing lunch or just a light mid-morning snack. Services include:

  • Premium coffee & tea
  • Variety of daily specials
  • Gluten free & lactose free options

For more information about the fantastic coffee, food and services that Tide Café provide, contact the friendly team today. You can find all their details on their LocalSearch profile page.
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