7 things you didn’t know about coffee

November 30, 2015 - 2 min read

Coffee lovers rejoice – it turns out your favourite morning beverage is good for more than just waking you up. here are some interesting coffee facts from around the world.

Caffeine Increases Your Workout Performance

Woman running
That’s right—if you’re keen to burn as many calories as possible, why not enjoy a cup of coffee before working out? The science behind it: caffeine is known to increase levels of adrenaline, as well as releasing fatty acids from fat tissues. Top tip: Keep the milk content to a minimum so you don’t feel sick.

Coffee Was Invented In 1906

A coffee with foam art
Can’t imagine life without coffee? Well, before 1906 this would have been the case! Legend has it that a Belgian man living in Guatemala first invented coffee as we know it in the early 20th Century!

World’s Most Expensive Coffee Comes From…

Civet cat
Did you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is actually generated from the dong of the Civet cat? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, its name is Kopi Luwak and it comes in at roughly $50 a cup—tasty!

Your Liver Loves Coffee

Hands holding a cup of coffee with foam art
Studies have shown that people who drink a reasonable amount of coffee per day are less likely to develop liver issues, including cirrhosis and cancer.

Coffee Is A Fruit

Coffee bean
We’re all so used to seeing coffee in the form of beans, blended up and poured into our cup. However, did you know that before it takes this form, it looks similar to a cherry and grows on bushes?

The Biggest Cup Of Coffee… EVER

World's largest cup of coffee
The world’s largest cup of coffee to ever be made was brewed in South Korea in July, 2014. It came in at over 14,000 litres—now that one large cuppa Joe!

The World Is Coffee Crazy

Roasted coffee beans on a map
Coffee is in fact the second-most traded resource in the world, with approximately 25 million farmers producing the crop in 50 different countries worldwide.

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