Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Boat

When it comes to summer, nothing beats being out in the beautiful Australian waters. Owning your own boat can mean days out on the water with family and friends, but what do you need to know before you buy your first boat?

For most people, few things sound better than sailing through the open waters with the sea breeze gently blowing through their hair. If you’ve decided to buy a boat so you can make this fantasy your reality, then there are many things you should consider. While boat ownership is a worthy goal for any sea lover, there are some things you should keep in mind before you take the plunge. With careful planning and reasonable expectations, your first boat buying experience can be a positive one.

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What is the best boat for a beginner?

This question is one that has no simple answer. There are almost as many types of boats as there are types of people, and they are all used for different purposes. Therefore, the first thing you’ll want to consider before you buy a boat is what you will be using it for. You would need to get a much different vessel for something like water skiing and tubing than you would for deep sea fishing or offshore trolling. Before you start looking at actual boats and try to determine whether you should get a new or used option, this is the first thing you will need to decide. Once you know what the boat will be used for, you can narrow down your best options.

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Are there any additional costs of boating?

Yes. The price of the boat is just the first expense to owning a boat. You will also need to consider the price of maintaining your vessel, the cost of life jackets and other emergency gear, as well as the cost of fuel. If you will be parking your boat in a public marina, there may be fees associated to that as well. Depending on where and how you sail, you may also need a GPS navigation system, as well as a marine radio. While this may all sound pricey, it is estimated that the average Australian spends as much to maintain and fuel a boat as they do for an automobile.

Marina with many boats

How do I store my boat?

The best place to store your boat would be parked on a boat trailer and covered with a quality boat cover to protect it from UV rays and weather damage. If you don’t have space for this type of setup in your own yard or garage, then you can rent a facility to park your boat elsewhere.

Can any type of car tow a boat?

Not necessarily. This will depend primarily on the size of your boat. The smallest boats can be pulled by a compact car, but the average boat will require a pickup or SUV to tow.

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What documentation will come with a boat?

When you buy a boat, you should receive a receipt showing that you purchased the boat in full, as well as a clean boat title to show that you are the new legal owner of the boat.

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