From the lovers of relaxed aquatic recreation to the marine thrill seekers, we’ve put together a great list of water sports with something for everyone! We’ve also added some excellent Townsville cafes where you can refuel before or after your next adventure.

Snorkelling or scuba diving

Frequenters to the water should have a snorkelling pack in their inventory. Explore the still water regions of Townsville and get greeted by some of the marine locals. If you wish to explore deeper, sign up for a local scuba class and session. It’s also best to checkup on any marine stingers in the area and dress accordingly.

Surfing or bodyboarding

Father and son surf lesson in Morro Bay, CA. Father is Ben Monmonier, son is Julian “Boqha” Monmonier. I like this wholesome family-oriented series of 12 images of a father and his son bonding during a surf lesson. They had a great time, and the little “grom” Julian took the new surf name Boqha to commemorate this step in his life. Boqha has great form and is a natural. Watch for future commercial endorsements for this athlete. The father gave me permission to photograph their entire surf lesson today 21 Dec 2007 Friday 21dec2007 - Photo by Mike Baird, Canon 40D with 300mm f/2.8 IS lens handheld –
With many popular surfing spots scattered up and down the coast, why not pick up a board and try your luck on carving up some waves? Bodyboarding is easier for those with less balance, while taking a surfing class is a terrific option for surfing newbies.

Kayaking or canoeing

If you’re taking a trip to a quiet bay or lake, hire out a kayak or canoe! Perfect for individuals or couples, taking to the water on one of these is a great way to enjoy the water without getting too wet—just be careful not to capsize and ensure your lifejackets are secure!


To satisfy your more adventurous side, take to the water on a boat and whip out the skis. If you’re new to the sport, it’s best to get some experienced friends or professionals to help you find your feet. You could also opt for easier options that are just as fun, such as tubing.

Jet skiing

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, go for a ride on a jet ski! There are many places around Townsville that hire out jet skis, so why not take one for a spin today? Perfect for one or two occupants, jet skiing is enjoyed by many people, young and old.


The perfect way to escape from the land with someone special, take to the sea on a sailing boat! As with jet skis, sail boats such as catamarans are commonly available for hire. If you’re new to sailing, some boat lenders will happily take you out, or teach you the ropes before you set sail.

Whether you’re looking to fill up before or after your activity of choice, be sure to check out these Townsville cafes—just remember to wait an hour before swimming!

Clint Bradley’s Cafe, Catering & Picnics
If you’re looking for a place to take the family for lunch that combines great food, exceptional service and a relaxing atmosphere, then look no further! At Clint Bradley’s Cafe, Catering and Picnics, the friendly team serve up delicious dishes to suit any palate. Combining internationally-inspired flavours with locally sourced produce, this team of culinary professionals will have your appetite highly satisfied. Planning a dinner party or a special occasion? Take the stress away and let the team at Clint Bradley’s Cafe, Catering and Picnics handle it. Pop in today!
Where: Shop 10G Domain Central Garbutt QLD

The Beet Bar
Whether you’re after a guilt-free feed, cold-pressed juice or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, pop in to The Beet Bar. Serving up a range of healthy, organic dishes, The Beet Bar is perfect for dining in or taking away. Whether you need a good fix of superfoods, or need a cake for a special occasion, let the friendly staff help you out. Not only do they cater for vegetarians, The Beet Bar also sell a wide range of locally sourced grass-fed meats. After a healthy meal at the Beet Bar, you’ll be totally ready to hit the water! Drop by today.
Where: 358 Flinders St Townsville QLD


Do you remember your first time on a surfboard or jet ski? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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