The Car Accessories Every Parent Needs

When you run out of ideas for eye spy, a long car trip can feel even longer. Luckily there are now accessories for your car for everything you can think of. From keeping the kids entertained, to making sure your family safety is a priority, take a look at these car accessories every parent must have.

Needless to say, once we become parents, our priorities change. A lot. Regardless of your child’s age, finding the right car accessories to make your life a little easier comes in right at the top of the list.

Whereas before our concerns were mostly focused on how awesome our sound system was, how stylish our vehicle was and how fast it went, now, it’s more about how safe and roomy the car is, and how we can make each trip simpler. As any parent can attest, sometimes even a short trip to the store can seem like a struggle.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. You can equip accessories that make it easy to find what you’re looking for, keep items out of grabbing little hands and keep the kids occupied. Accessories for your car can make any trip go from hectic, to peace at last!

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Organisational Car Accessories

Let’s begin with car accessories that will help you stay organised and prepared.

Car seat organisers

A car seat organizer fits snug around the back of any car seat and comes equipped with compartments for nearly any item. From electronics, wet wipes and bottles, to toys, bottled water and more, car seat organisers make the perfect travel companion for any parent.

Travel bottle warmers

They plug into your car at electronic access points to ease the stress of your hungry baby while on the road.

Child in car seatbelt

Car seat protectors

For toddlers and young children, car seat protectors help to keep those spills and messes at bay, keeping your car’s upholstery looking new.

Portable potty

Portable potties, or travel potties, are perfect for long trips. They help to eliminate accidents between rest stops.

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Car Accessories to Keep the Kids Happy & Occupied

Now, let’s delve into a little peace of mind. Because when they’re happy – we’re happy!

Back-of-seat iPad holders

These little gems are perfect for holding those iPads in the perfect position for gameplay or streaming YouTube videos or movies for hours of giggles and happy smiles.

Travel tray or fold-out tray

These car accessories are wonderful additions on both long and short trips. They provide a level area for snacks and even a board game.

Strap covers (for sensitive skin)

For infants and children with sensitive skin, strap covers can help to eliminate outbreaks and hives. They’re gentle against the skin, reducing friction or painful rubbing of car seat and seatbelt straps.

Person driving car with hanging air freshener

Safety & Miscellaneous Accessories

Last, we’ll discuss a few car accessories that focus on safety and other helpful areas.

Car seat monitor

A car seat monitor can save you from having to turn your head around to check on baby while driving. A major boon for parents everywhere, car seat monitors provide a level of safety that is most often overlooked.

Travel Sickness Bags

For those with sensitivities to motion, travel sickness bags can reduce the need for hanging your head out the window and expensive interior car cleaning pit stops.

Car air purifiers

Air purifiers are a big help when it comes to eliminating or at least reducing contaminants and allergens from the air. If you’d like to save on sani-wipes (and reduce those little sniffles coming from the backseat), car air purifiers are what you need.

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